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Windows 10 Technical Preview – 5 Best Things about Windows 10

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 if they choose to upgrade in first year of Windows 10 release, Microsoft confirms in yesterday conference. Microsoft didn’t announced the exact date of official launch of Windows 10. However, it’s expected to arrive somewhere in the mid of this year.

Meanwhile, you can watch out the latest videos released by Microsoft on Windows 10 combining latest features and designs. Microsoft itself announced this release as next generation OS and magnificent release in the era of personal computing.

“While using Windows 10, you’ll be in control of nearly everything from interface to security.” Microsoft Says.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Below mentioned are the 5 best things about Windows 10 that will make your PC experience smoother, better and secure than ever.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

1. Delivering Windows 10 as a service and free upgrade

Windows 10 will be a one-time upgrade and once the device is updated to Windows 10, you will receive all the future updates for free for the supported lifetime of the device. New features will be available immediately or as soon as it’s launched, without waiting for the next major release. Microsoft calls Windows 10 as an Internet service where one may carry the whole things together i.e. access to their desired files and folders will be available wherever you go.

You can get access to your device i.e. PC, tablet, Phone, Xbox or any other things while sitting anywhere across the globe and can make use of Universal Apps that works the same way across all your devices. Enterprise users will continue to receive the same work environment as they previously do while not compromising with security and productivity improvements. Latest updates, releases and builds will also be available to enterprise users as well whenever available.

P.S. Currently, only Technical preview is available of Windows 10. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, you’ll be not be able to rollback. Fresh installation of Windows might do the trick but it involves risk of losing your files that can only be recovered by using some best file recovery tool available.

Everything about Windows 10 – the experiences, delivering it as a service and the free upgrade – means ongoing value to all our customers. The new generation of Windows is a commitment—a commitment to liberate people from technology and enable them to do great things.

2. Cortana: New Personal Digital Assistant

Microsoft has introduced Cortana to combat Apple’s Siri and Google Now in the field of intelligent personal digital assistant with Windows 8 mobile devices. However, it’ll be available on desktop devices as well that makes the PC your best friend i.e. one click dial to your family or friends even on the Skype, adding appointments, open Bing search etc. Besides that, Cortana can also be used in various things from checking weather, track score, set reminder, type text message and various others.

Cortana New Personal Digital Assistant

Cortana functions basically on the Bing-powered knowledge base and your personal behavior or previous searches you’ve made. Cortana will be located under ‘Notebook’ and by opening it, you’ll get to know what Cortana knows about you. If you are sitting at some place where you can’t speak, Cortana helps you find what you want by just typing it manually.

 P.S. Cortana will also be available in Microsoft’s upcoming browser Spartan (we’ll discuss about it later) that may provide added functionality and refined results to your searches.

Note: Cortana may not be available immediately or along with Windows 10 release. Microsoft gradually rolls it out to various part of the countries around the globe with free updates.

3. Spartan: Redefine your Web Experience

Microsoft is planning to release new web browser that may absolutely change the way you use to explore web (not sure if he choose to retire IE). In the image below, you can find glimpse of this latest Microsoft browser codenamed ‘Spartan’. Windows 10 newest build, releasing next week will not include this update but you can find it somewhere at February end in your mobile or 8-inch tablet devices.

Spartan Redefine your Web Experience

Like Windows 10, Spartan web browser will also work more like service i.e. keep itself updated always while providing new platform capabilities, security and performance improvements etc. This browser offers great interoperability and reliable performance seamlessly across all your Windows 10 devices. As previously said, Cortana will be integrated into Spartan by default and provide great access to the desired place, information and other web pages at your fingertips.

4. Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10

With an aim to store gallery unification, Microsoft has decided to create worldwide universal apps gallery for Windows 10, which runs seamlessly across any device types. You’ll receive consistent, easy-touch experience across your smartphone, tablet and PC with new versions of Office program like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10

Universal Windows apps will works the same way with touch-enabled devices and helps user create, edit or delete office files with new controls button interface. In between, Microsoft also confirmed the new version of Office desktop is also in development and it’ll also be released before the end of this year.

5. HoloLense

Microsoft’s HoloLenses is the latest introduction in the field of holographic computing platform where users can collaborate, operate and perform desired tasks in the three-dimensional holograms. HoloLenses will also be available separately as a device and will be used with Windows 10 to get extra capabilities and independencies to your PC or system.


HoloLens doesn’t require any PC connectivity whatsoever and provide advanced sensors to know exactly what you are looking at and understand what you are communicating with your hands and voice.

Summing up Windows 10 Technical Preview

Above mentioned are the 5 major inventions coming around you in form of Windows 10 upgrade. There may be possible others updates happening that may reshape the way we use to operate our PC or system.

Summing up Windows 10 Technical Preview

Undoubtedly, Microsoft is ready to shape a better computing world where everyone interacts with whomsoever they want to seamlessly. There is still lot of things awaiting to be done by the developers participating in Microsoft Build program from across the globe.

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