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The Popularity of YouTube – A cross-sectional analysis

YouTube has grown tremendously popular amongst its users. This article aims at showing how and why there has been such a rapid growth in the user community of YouTube. It gives a brief description of all the important factors.

The Popularity of YouTube

There is absolutely no doubt about the growing popularity of YouTube. In fact, how many people even know that there is a different platform existent for viewing videos? No matter who wants to see a video, they would immediately choose to go ahead with YouTube.

Whether it is a tutorial, or a music concert, a missed episode of 24 or a news event, if there is a video, it exists on YouTube. This is why it has become so popular amongst a cross-section of the society. There are many various ways in which YouTube is being used today.


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The wide range of YouTube Uses

Teaching Methodology

  • YouTube has been widely accepted as a tool for teaching methodology. Windows phone developers have created many Smart boards and other such apps that help in effective teaching through YouTube.
  • YouTube videos are extremely effective in being able to show or give practical knowledge to the people.
  • The best thing about YouTube is that it covers a very huge domain. Almost every discipline is covered by YouTube. Every age group and every ethnicity can use it to learn or teach any topic of their preference.
  • YouTube offers educators an infinite source of informative material that can be used by arrangement with lesson plans or as individual lessons. Videos can be found demonstrating American Sign Language, showing how to solve complex math problems and even illuminating on the drawbacks of certain wars.

By downloading these videos, teachers can have instant access to them without having to worry about getting internet connections at all times.


Tables, Charts and Presentations

In a very similar way as the teachers are using YouTube, the student community and the employee community too are leveraging the advantages of YouTube. Whether it is making charts, creating tables or making presentations one can get any detail from YouTube.

Also, a lot of content is available for download. Many corporates choose to simply download the basic stats and their presentations. With its vast cache of resources, YouTube has found its way into the world of entrepreneurs.


Free of cost

The most impressive fact about YouTube is that it is absolutely free. There is so much information that is available on it and all of it for absolutely no money at all. This has ascertained that maximum number of people can use it for their benefit. Students form the largest YouTube user community. You can every kind of detail on it.

The other day, I walked in on my daughter creating a beautiful hair style for a party. I was both delighted and surprised to see my daughter do her hair so perfectly, without my assistance. When I asked her where she learnt it, she smiled and said “YouTube!”


YouTube Downloading

Downloading YouTube videos are recommended because you never know when you may not have an internet connection. When you download a YouTube video, you can play it for as many times as you want, without having to wait for the internet and scouring the site for it.

You will never lose track of your favourite video because you will already have this one downloaded and saved for ready reference whenever need be.


Upload and Feature

YouTube proves to be an excellent platform to upload your videos. If you are an artist, this is your opportunity to get the attention of your target audience. Placing links to your site in the description of your video will help interested viewers come to your site for more information.

Any business owner can also generate huge profits by creating interesting videos which get a lot of likes. Many competitions are held through YouTube, where viewers can view and compare your products; learn how to use them and many other things.


YouTube also proves to be better than a simple manual. Instead of reading instructions of how to use your products, it is way better to actually see your products run.

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