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Increase Blog Traffic After Google Penguin Update

If the Google Panda update from Google created flutters of anxiety for internet marketers, bloggers and their ilk, the Google Penguin update has set off waves of panic.

Before denouncing Google and bemoaning your lot, you need to understand that in every business, some down slide is inevitable at some point.

Increase Blog Traffic After Google Penguin Update

Try to see what Google is doing here. They are trying to weed out spam. Sites with over optimization and where black hat techniques have been used will definitely be punished.



Blog Traffic After Google Penguin Update Tips And Tricks

Content is King As Per Google Penguin Update

First and most important: Content is King. Ensure what you’re writing has some value for the reader. Don’t just write for the sake of SEO. If your content is good, you will have a good page rank.

Stuffing the article with keywords not only kills’ the reader’s interest, it will get you penalized by Google’s Penguins. Don’t engage in duplication or exchanging links or mass commenting on different blogs to provide back links to your site.


Use Sites Like Wikis

Reliance on Google is not such a great idea. You can use sites like Wikis which allow you to create free accounts and post information.


Talk About Related Topics

Rather than talking about just your products and services, talk about related topics which will be interesting and useful for your readers.


Use Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are great ways for you to share your blog contents. Google places importance on retweets, likes and shares, so this will again help you in their ranking system. Also read about Positive Impact of Social Media on SEO.


Guest Postings or Blogs

Guest Postings or Blogs are a great option, especially if you find a really good blog with a high rank. You get back links to your site, and achieve your goal.


Informative And Eye Catching Graphic

If you can create an informative and eye catching graphic, you can share it with your network and sites that accept them. You will surely see a rise in traffic. That’s the impact of visuals.


Design Of Your Website

Design your website to be aesthetically pleasing. Make it easy for the user to get to what they want to see.


Reduce Advertisements Or Links

Too many advertisements or links will not only annoy your readers, but will also earn you a penalty from Google.


Blog Domain Name

Try to have a domain name that reflects the industry you are in. that itself will generate some traffic. For example, if you deal in sports goods, try to include the word ‘sport’ ‘sports or ‘sporting’ in your domain name; this will make it easier for potential customers to find you.


Important Articles You Should Read After Google Penguin Update


So what do you do? Stop SEO altogether? Wipe the slate clean and undergo a radical make over? Certainly not. It’s not time to pack your bags yet. These are some things given above to keep in mind if you want to maintain a steady stream of traffic to your website after the Google Penguin update.

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