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How to Divert Facebook Page Traffic to your Website

As far as the social media is concerned, the biggest craze today is to create a Facebook fan page. Today Facebook is more than just a social media website where people meet and chat with friends and families. Businesses today are leveraging the huge traffic in Facebook and its great popularity among people of all ages. Facebook has an active user base of over 175 million people on a daily basis.

If this is not free targeted traffic towards your website, then nothing will ever be. Any business that doesn’t have a Facebook group today in Facebook does not exist.

How to Divert Facebook Page Traffic to your Website

Setting up a Facebook group and inviting people to ‘like’ it is one thing, and driving targeted traffic towards the Facebook Page is a totally different thing altogether. The saddest part of all this is that most businesses will overlook the huge potential of driving targeted traffic towards their website, and only end up settling for less.

If you want to gain that competitive edge over your competitors and gain top search engine rankings in your niche, then you definitely have to master the skill and art of driving targeted traffic towards your website or blog from Facebook. Fortunately, there are very many ways in which you can convert Facebook traffic into your website’s traffic, which will eventually become returning traffic and ultimately make the much needed sale. So how do you go about diverting FB traffic to your site?


How you can drive Facebook traffic to your own site

The first tested and proven way to go about it is to create a custom landing tab within your FB page. You can always give the information that you want, and even provide a clickable link to your site on the default information tab of a Facebook Page, but this is always not as effective as you may want it to be, especially if it will mean scrolling down to the last part of the page to find the clickable link. Besides, the default information tab is always not as attractive as many people would want it to be.

Your best course of action would be to customize the landing page to your liking, which can be done effectively with the Facebook Markup Language. This is an effective tool that allows you to create and customize a page the same way you would do on your website. By the same token, you will also need to see to it that your marketing and promotion strategy is in line with your website. How? Most businesses today will use the official FB page to promote their services and/ or products, manage their brand, or just post news. What many fail is to create a difficult-to-miss link between the page and the main website. Needless to mention, this will not in any way encourage your Facebook fans to leave the page to your site now will it?

Linking is very important when you want to market and promote your business website on Facebook. Your main aim should be to ensure whatever you put in there has something valuable to your target audience, and has something enticing to make them want to learn more about your website. Linking should also be done to inner pages as well and not only the home page.


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