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Domain Authority : Know The Importance

Is Domain Authority really important as far as search engine optimization is concerned? The answer is obviously “Yes”.

Now, the main question that arises here is how is it important? Or rather, why is it so important? To understand this, first we need to know what it actually means.(Read more about how to choose domain name for your website.)


What Domain Authority Actually Means?

Domain Authority is a machine learning model of ranking, which a SEO company uses so as to predict the possibility or likelihood of one domain or web page to rank in the search engine results, irrespective of its page content.


Domain Authority : Know The Importance


It is mainly used to target websites or pages, which have the capability of performing well in SERP s or Search Engine Results Pages. Being a calculated metric, it measures the growth of a particular domain as well as whether it has got any chance of high rank in the search result of Google or any other search engine.

Many experts across the globe use it to draw a comparison between one site and another so as to track their own website’s strength over a period of time. This might be done for the entire domain or the different sub-domains.


How Domain Authority Works Or Where To Find It?

Do you know how it works or where to find it? It is based on the Linkscape web index, which is a super-tool for link building. Its usage of a model of machine learning for predictive search out an algorithm, which are best co-related to the rankings across many other search results, which are predicted against by us.

Domain Authority, being one of the popular processes, the metrics of it are incorporated into several search engine optimization as well as platforms of online marketing across the internet and web world.


Factors Which Makes Domain Authority So Important In The SEO

There are many other factors, which make it so important in the SEO industry all over the world.

Quality of the link building

The first point, which is coming to my mind, is the quality of the link building. In terms of ranking, Google always look for trustworthiness or authority of the website, which you are linking from.

Thus, it is always good to have quality and link diversity in your site since it will help in the creation of link profile, which are highly natural and adds on to the trust of your domain.


The total number of links

Secondly, Domain Authority is even influenced by link authority. The total number of links, which has been acquired by your site, is considered by Google. It even considers the amount of domains, from where the acquisition of those links was done.

Thus, it will be much more trustworthy and effective to get 100 back-links from 200 domains than getting 1, 000 back-links from 20 odd domains.


The domain age

Thirdly, as authority can be gained with age, it gets influenced by the domain age. I am sure this is a bit difficult to understand. But, it just seems to be so. Actually, it is not. A website can gain authority by being featured with links, which points to the site in concern for a long period of time. It even necessitates the linking of other authority sites or domain to them.


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