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Convert visitors to customers at ecommerce store


The main reason why SEO Extension has been designed is to bring in all the essential SEO features under one head. This for the reason that it will lead to a successful engine promotion which happens to be every businessman’s dream. Why it is being sought after is the fact that it reduces the overall works of SEO.

Another reason why it is so is because it increases the search engine TOP. Behind doing these two major asks, there are some other things too, which a SEO suite extension does to your company and its website. Let’s try to gather what all it does:


Convert visitors to customers by simplifying login process

Amongst the tasks which it does includes transforming all Product Tag URLs and RSS Feed URLs into search engine compatible and user friendly. This increases the chances of the website being rolled up the search engine search team. It includes features like making Catalog categories, product list, including CMS page and putting up additional configurable links with hierarchical structure to give a better output to the entire website.

Other additional features include shortening up of sub- category URLs by removing parent categories from URLs, adding up of product review pages and making up of better Meta title descriptions. People and companies prefer these over others as these have the ability to select the canonical tag on layered navigation pages as well as on product reviews page directing it to a filtered page or current category page (something which makes navigation easier).

The application of this makes HTML sitemap run twice faster. It goes to making XML sitemap validity check and adding additional links to XML sitemap easy. FishPig attribute Splash Pages extension supports the XML sitemap.


How to convert visitors to customers using SEO extension

When it comes to magento LOGIN Extension like these, it really changes the way one looks at website. One example can be of the magento Facebook Login. See how easy it is and how easily it has generated millions of customers. Taking the example of Facebook Connect Plugin – it is an effective module which allows visitors to login,  What more, returning Facebook customers too can login to their account on the  Online Store by making use of one of the SEO extensions.

What makes easy is the fact that SEO Extension offers a portal which externalizes the login and registration process from the applications. This custom code is then implemented with plug – in interfaces over a web interface with CRM database. Here the SDK kit comes into function. The result is better login with Facebook, twitter and other social media like these. All this leads to increase in number of authentic number of registration and reduced number of failed logins.

Convert visitors to customers at ecommerce storeThus this distributed system is good in implementing the Login process – both in – house and cloud hosted application wise. It also abreast with coding guidelines which is well secured against cyber crime too! Again this system too is best scalable for social media logins, mobile applications and other SSO tasks. Nowadays technological developments like these are very essential in our day to day activities. Main purpose being it evolves around our most usable social media apps and makes the access easy.

See how easy it is and how easily it has generated millions of customers. The backbone behind is the latest technology which is running on millions of computes, Tabs and mobiles. So, of you have not tried it yet, it will be really good if you try it out today – for your benefit only! One has to be updated with these kind of technological developments and must know how to taken care of everything easy


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