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7 Effective SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Why do you need SEO for blogging? If you are new blogger you will definitely face this question at the first step. Blogging is one thing, but being ranked high in search engines like Google is another.

You can be a good blogger but fail to be ranked amongst the search results featured in the first page. Effective blogging entails more than just choosing the right head keywords and long tail keywords.

Effective SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Therefore, if you are searching for SEO tips that you can use while blogging so that you can rank high in search engines, you will find this article quite an interesting read.


7 Basic SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Discussed herein, 7 effective SEO tips that every new blogger needs to acquaint themselves with.

1. Blog Name

The name of your blog is of great importance when it comes to ranking high in search engines. Consequently, you need to exercise caution when choosing the name of your blog. The name of your blog should be SEO friendly.

The first lesson that you need to learn in SEO in order to realize targeted traffic and high-ranking is the name of your blog.


2.Proper Keywords

The proper use of keywords is also essential when it comes to boosting the ranking your blog.

The following are SEO tips on the proper use of keywords

  • Your blog title ought to include one relevant keyword.
  • You should include a keyword in the first and last paragraphs/ sentences of your blog.
  • Include at least 3 to 4 keywords in the body of your blog.

What is commonly referred to as keyword stuffing?

When using keywords, avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is akin to spamming. In addition, choose relevant keywords that are not competitive. To decrease keyword competition and increase your ranking, boost your blog with long-tail keywords.


3. Blog Title

The other factor to consider when looking at search engine optimization is blog title.

  • Blog title is different from blog name.
  • Your blog title is the first thing that visitors to your blog see. Therefore, your blog title needs to be interesting and captivating.
  • Your blog title will enable your readers to know if your blog is actually relevant to them.


4. Sitemap

Sitemap is one of the tools that introduced by Google as a way of helping blogs and sites rank high in Google search results. Sitemap enables search engines to crawl through your blog’s topic.


5. SEO Friendly Images

While images are essential when it comes to ranking high in search engine results improper use of images can also cost you. When using images, make certain that the images have SEO friendly names.


6.Heading Style

The secret to making your heading style SEO friendly is by utilizing various kinds of tags.


7.Social Networking

The other way through which you can rank high in search engines is by letting your readers share your content. There are various kinds of social network buttons such as Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter amongst others that you use to increase your ranking. Read more what are the positive impacts of social media on SEO?

Social networking buttons prevents your readers from the need of leaving your page in order to share your articles. This is also a one of best SEO tip, which will help you to gain more traffic for your new blog in short duration.

Blogger Blogging SEO Tutorial

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