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How Facebook Landing Pages Can Turn Visitors into Customers?

For most businesses, Facebook is said to be a valuable platform. We can elaborate value in different ways. In this post, this value is based only on conversions and the most important part – money.

Whatever the size of your business is, you cannot calculate the amount of money made by Facebook Page. According to the recent statistics, about 53% of social networking marketers failed to measure their online business success. So, rather than wasting time on counting number of Facebook Likes, let’s come to a better money measurement concept – Landing Page.

Facebook Landing Pages Turn Visitors into Customers

As an opt-in page for website, landing page is traditionally used with an aim to develop lead generation results and attract visitors. Within Facebook Page of your business, landing page becomes a monetized online hub that helps you collect the most valuable details of visitors.

With the help of given information, you can easily stay in touch with them even you are outside of Facebook.


Few Myths about Landing Pages

These points about Landing Pages are not more than just myths!

  1. Landing Page Generator makes them only for websites.
  2. Landing Page can create a big hole on your pockets.
  3. Only large-scale companies are capable to afford landing pages.

Note: Before coming to the point of “How Facebook Can Increase Profits”, kindly note that you cannot get Facebook users “default” on your landing page. This is because Facebook has changed default landing pages into Timeline.

From now on, Facebook users can only see your landing page via App in the layout of Timeline.


How Facebook Can Boost Profits?

Email opt-in form is only used by 10% of brands on Facebook Page. Since most businesses have a leg up in the market rivalry, they are trying to turn their Facebook Fans into email subscribers. If you are an online marketer, you may be aware of the value strong email list as it plays a dominant role in generating leads and improving sales.

To prove how landing pages and social media can harmonize each other, here are some eye-opening statistics:

  1. As compared to outbound marketing, social media possesses 100% advanced lead-to-close rate, according to the State of Inbound Marketing 2012.
  2. After acquiring clients from Facebook, companies have enjoyed 43% B2B and 77% B2C.
  3. With 30+ landing pages, companies can generate 7 times more leads as compared to those with 10 or less.

Despite of the availability of fewer evidences to prove the efficiency of landing pages on Facebook, it is true that people feel more comfort in giving personal information of Facebook than individual pages according to recent studies.

In a recent study conducted at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Department of Psychology, about 53% of the Facebook users have freely revealed their identity and personal information on landing pages.


Components of Effective Landing Page

As Landing Page Generator, you need these essential components –

  1. A Descriptive yet Solid Headline
  2. Entry boxes for Full Name and Email Address
  3. A small disclaimer under Email box like “Secured Login” or “We won’t reveal it to third party” to convince users share their data.
  4. An “Opt-In” and effective Call-to-Action (CTA), such as “Register Now!” or “Subscribe now to get free updates!”
  5. An easy-to-read checklist of your offerings in the body of landing page.
  6. Add relevant images and ensure they are of high quality.
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