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Focus On Quality Clicks Which Are Better Than Higher Traffic

When you create a website, the first goal is to get people to actually visit it that is traffic. You spend a lot of money investing in search engine optimization tactics and creating messaging. That will interest your customers and potential customers and get them to visit your site.

Focus On Quality Clicks Than Website Traffic


How Quality Clicks Are Better Than Higher Traffic

Goal Of Your Site

While having people visit your site is a goal. The most important goal of your site is to get people to take action when they get there. Either by downloading information, making a purchase or filling out a survey or questionnaire.


Common Mistake That People Make With Their Website

The common mistake that people make is assuming that generating higher traffic to the site will result in higher action. But this is not the case. Instead of focusing solely on generating higher traffic, companies need to focus on attaining quality clicks instead.


Generating High Traffic

When companies focus solely on generating high traffic to their site, they will make an effort to do so. They may stuff their site full of keywords in order to generate a higher search engine ranking page (SERP).

This worked well in the past, but search engines such as Google are actually DE-indexing sites that implement this practice. They also focus on creating vague messaging that will encourage a large audience to visit their site.


Generating Traffic Won’t Give You The Results You Actually Want

Companies that focus more on generating a higher amount of traffic don’t realize that while they are getting more people to their site, these people are not actually spending time taking action.

High traffic is great for your SERP s and to make people aware of your website’s existence. But simply generating traffic won’t give you the results you actually want, such as increasing sales.


Instead, Focus On Quality Clicks

When you focus on attaining quality clicks, you are generating traffic to your site from people who will actually do something when they get there, such as make a purchase or participate in a survey or questionnaire.

In order to attain quality clicks, your messaging to drive traffic to your site (whether via social media posts or digital advertising), must target a specific audience or include specific information that gives people a detailed understanding of what they will receive if they click-through.

For Example

You may generate higher traffic with a digital advertisement that reads “Everything $1.99, Click Here”. Because people will be inclined to see what items they can receive for only $1.99. If there is nothing on the site that they want, though, they won’t make a purchase.

However, if your digital advertisement reads “Diapers $1.99, Click Here”. You will receive click-troughs from people who actually want diapers for $1.99. And these people will not only visit your site, but will also make a purchase.



In order for your website to be effective, you want people to know what you’re offering, and you want them to be genuinely interested in that offering. Rather than aim at attaining a large group of people to visit your website, focus more on attracting the small group that will actually take action while they are on your site.

You may end up with less traffic, but you will have a better close ratio with the clicks you do receive. Lesser clicks that result in purchases are more profitable than numerous clicks with more traffic that result in a dead-end.


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