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Google SEO : Tricks To Recover Drop In Page Rankings

As a webmaster and blogger, it is imperative for you to learn about new techniques, so as to increase your page rankings in the search engines. This will help you boost up your search results too. You must focus your attention on learning about new SEO terms so as to improve the Page Rank of your website and uplift your search engine rankings in this era of Google Penguin.

While the concept of Google Penguin update was unheard for many users, it managed to change the search engine imperatives in a couple of months. Websites have started receiving hitting from Google Penguin and increasing number of unnatural incoming links having similar anchor text keywords is on the rise. This makes everything a difficult lot to manage.

Google has in fact started penalizing distinct types of SEO strategies. However, it is still possible to beat Google Updates easily. All one needs to do is to shed old SEO tactics and upgrade to some new generation SEO tactics.

Recover Drop In Page Rankings

Below are listed some new generation SEO tactics that will help one to recover from the drop in the page rankings and create a niche for themselves in the competitive online world.


How To Recover From The Drop In Page Rankings

Revising the Titles

Check the titles and refine them as per the relevance. If you have been using excessive titles, it dilutes the essence of the topic and discourages the users to visit your website.

Take remedial steps on war footing and revise your titles as per the need of your content. You will be doing a lot good to your venture and creating a loyal customer base for yourself in the long run.


Indexed Page

You should be using website Replace the command with your own unique domain name in the Google search that you undertake. This is to be done with the objective of checking, if you have lost a considerable amount of pages.

If for example you were previously having 500 indexed pages and the number has fallen down to 50, it is a cause of concern. There could be some server issues and you should take immediate corrective measures to ensure that things fall in place.


Adding Content

You need to focus on adding more content to the landing page of your website. A minimal of 500 to 750 word content that is unique should figure on your primary landing page.

This is relevant from the point of view of search engine too as the same is programmed to look for the same , in order to judge the suitability of the content and rank the web page appropriately.


Targeting Specific Landing Pages

It needs to be ensured that primary keywords do have the most appropriate landing pages. This can be better understood as for instead of homepage ranking for everything, you must be using keyword specific landing page.

This not only helps on page conversions from distinct message match but helps add additional layer to the SEO for better links.


Building Deeper links

As a website owner, you need to build specific links to various keyword rich landing pages. This will help increase rankings as one can consolidate better on page SEO efforts.

This essentially means that of one has a category as floriculture and distinct sub categories as flowers, seeds, fertilizers and medicines are also available, you need to create specific pages for these sub categories.

You will also need to build links to them from many websites. This helps strengthen the main category floriculture and all the associated sub categories too.


Removing Excessive Links

Sometimes it happens that one has excessive internal links on any given page. You will be better off if you are able to minimize these outbound and internal links to something as under fifty links per page.

It is an established fact that more the links one has on a page, weaker the page becomes.


Giving Time And Monitoring Page Rankings

At times everything needs to be given some more time. The same is true when it comes to improving the rankings of your pages.

Google too keeps on changing its algorithms every now and then. Keep yourself updated on the developments and you will be better prepared to deal with reality.


Diversifying Internal Link Anchor Text

You will be misinformed if you think linking same keyword from every page in the website to any one given page might help. And we already discussed how Google Penguin affected link building efforts.

If you do so excessively, you may be penalized for over optimization internally. Using link caps and alternate keywords to link them to primary landing pages is the need of the hour.


Follow the above listed steps and you will be able to recover from drop in page rankings pretty faster.


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