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Must Ask Question Before Hiring SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant – Search Engine Optimization is surely the need of presence. If you are in online business you cannot neglect this aspect of your business. If you own a website (E-commerce or blog) then you must show its online presence.

The major source of your online presence, reputation and traffic is Search Engine. And there are plenty of web entrepreneurs who do not know exactly what SEO is?

And there is nothing unexpected as SEO is a dynamic process. Here you can’t learn the process overnight and you cannot achieve goals overnight too. So, many of them hire third party SEO services. If you are one of them, please stay for a while to read this post.

Must Ask Question Before Hiring SEO Consultant

You must Ask questions to consult an SEO on your website. Here is the list of certain questions that you must ask before hiring SEO consultant.


Ask Questions To SEO Consultant Before Hiring

1. What will you do? Why?

SEO need lots of pre analysis of the website as well as of the content. Ask your consultant the question what will you do? I am more than sure every SEO consultant will answer you this question. He/she will inform you about basic and advanced SEO techniques that can be performed.

But here comes a twist now ask him why you want to perform all these techniques? Answer is not just straight as to optimize your content. Ask your consultant to be particular with all mentioned techniques. Why each technique particularly required for your website?

By asking this question you will come to know whether the consultant has analyzed your site and content thoroughly or not.


2. How will you perform all these techniques?

Nothing is silly which is listed as question here in this tally. SEO has certain ethics. Google not only access the techniques you have used but it also analyzes the mechanism of action or how have you performed it?

In today’s world there are plenty of scripts and softwares available for various SEO techniques. If you do that you are at risk of being punished by Google as several methods include spamming. The best way is to perform all the techniques manually.


3. What will be ROI?

ROI – Return over Investment. It’s more a business terminology than SEO one. But you are performing your business here so it is obvious that you must ask your consultant that what you will get in return of your investment in his/her services?


4. Will you give admin access to account that works for my sake?

SEO techniques need multiple content posting on many sites. So, SEO service providers make account on behalf of you for that. If due to some reasons both of you departs then you will be somewhere in middle of ambiguous no man’s land. You will have no idea from where you should start.


5. What is your reference and how your past clients’ track record was?

In SEO segment your performance speaks on your behalf so ask for references from your consultant and have a look at his/her previous works too.


You may also ask other technical details to your consultant. But here I have listed the question which needs basic importance. So ask before you consult SEO on your website.

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