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Top 5 Warning Signs That Help You Identify Bad SEO Services

Here we come with Warning Signs which will definitely help you to identify bad SEO Services while selecting SEO service provider. The SEO  services or industry may not be a very new one when it comes to internet technologies though only recently have so many of them sprouted all around us. As the internet and the way companies and consumers access it changes, so does the nature of SEO practices.

When search engine optimization first came into being, a lot of early birds that adopted the practice found loopholes that could be exploited and they were. This resulted in search engines tightening their norms and standards but that only led to bad SEO practitioners coming up with new ways to make quick profits.

Identify Bad SEO Services

If you are new to the world of SEO or are just getting your website made, you would need to know what SEO practices are good and which ones you should stay away from bad SEO services.


Top 5 Warning Signs To Identify Bad SEO Services

1. Stay away from people, claim Meta tags are super important

If you do a simple search on SEO, you’re sure to find plenty of advice posts that would tell you that Meta Tags are quite an important aspect of SEO.

In fact, there are virtually thousands of blog pages that are dedicated to exploring just how much of an impact Meta tags have on SEO practices. However, what you as a consumer of SEO services need to know is that Google made it abundantly clear as far back as 2009 that Meta tags in fact have no impact on search rankings whatsoever.

Hence, any SEO company that tries to convince you that these are really necessary and tries to charge you for optimizing these needs to be avoided like the plague!


2. Buying bad links to artificially boost Page Rank

This is one trap that most small sites often fall into simply because they don’t know enough about the way search engines work.

Since any new blog would find it hard to get incoming links, many SEO services try to get blog owners to buy links for an additional low fee. These paid links, though they seem perfectly fine and harmless in theory, actually help get your website and blog banned!

The simple reason for this is that search engines like Google have already put in checks in place that can determine if a site has good, i.e., genuine incoming links, or bad, paid for links. So, you should also be wary of SEO companies that encourage you to buy links.


3. Dump Bad SEO services that fill blog up with unrelated content

A lot of SEO service providers tell blog and website owners that the simplest way to get a higher page rank is to fill up the site with as many posts as they can.

While there is nothing wrong with this logic in theory, it can actually turn very problematic for blog owners if the SEO provider ends up filling their blog with unrelated, low quality content. You see, thanks to recent updates, search engines like Google have become pretty smart and their web crawlers have also been refined to sniff out low quality content that is unrelated to the content.

Hence, when an SEO company offers to fill your website or blog up with a lot of content in no time, you should ask them for the list of topics that they would create posts around to weed out a bad service.


4. Avoid people ask you to manual Search Engine Submission services

Back when the internet was still in its infancy, websites had to be manually submitted to search engines for indexing otherwise they simply didn’t show up in a search.

SEO companies, during this time, charged for this service. However, as the internet has evolved, all you really need to do to get Google to index your website is to simply tweet a link for it from your Twitter account and Google’s crawlers will follow the link and index the site automatically.

This means that if your SEO service provider asks you if you want manual search engine submission services included in your package, you should try and dump them immediately.


5. Anyone who claims keyword stuffing is good is dubious

Keyword stuffing, though it worked wonders for many websites during the early days of search engines, is a big no-no today.

Search engines today have evolved way further and these days, they throw up red flags when a certain keywords appears more than a certain number of times in a blog post. A lot of SEO companies still use the archaic practice of keyword stuffing and even charge their client a heck lot of money for it.

If you feel that your SEO provider is stuffing your content with keywords, you should replace them immediately.


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