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Why You Should Still Need To Invest In SEO Even After Penguin Update?

Google’s war against spam has got a bit more interesting with Google Penguin update and the bad thing about this algorithm shuffle is that they are tight-lips about it, SEO professionals are unsure about what over optimization means as there is no clear-cut definition available.

So, the entire thing looks too dicey for people who are supposed to invest their hard-earned dollars on the SEO industry. But SEO has always been a part of gaining better exposure online that lead to solid business growth but the game has changed and the rules too thanks to the introduction of over optimization penalty. Read more about post penguin update steps for better SEO.


Penguin Update ! SEO's future after the Google Penguin update?


No longer will you be able to zoom a site to the top three positions in a matter of 3 months unless you are doing some sneaky things that could trigger a penalty. So, if you do not wish to get this fearful message – “We have detected unnatural links to your website” in Google Webmaster Tools, you should not go for short-term SEO gains.

Focus on building a solid website that will eventually lead to natural links, and safeguard your website Ranking. Let’s take a deeper look…



SEO And Your Website After Google Penguin Update

SEO Is Like A Low Hanging Fruits

There are still some people who believe that they can beat Google hands down by following some time-tested SEO techniques, but sadly enough these time-tested SEO techniques are now treated as SPAM.

However, I am not saying that these techniques that I am going to elaborate later do not work; they do work but they have made less effective by Google and now the over optimization thing is in the air and you never know when these spammy techniques get you into deep trouble. So, the time is up to think twice before you invest your clients’ SEO dollar into the below SEO tricks.


Think Twice Before Doing The Below SEO Tricks : Penguin is here!

Keywords Stuffing

The days are over when stuffing keywords in the title and Meta description section of the website would be enough to gain some exposure in the SERP. Some people would go extreme and go on stuffing keywords in the titles and descriptions to the point of being sound ridiculous. The best way to tell whether the title looks spammy or not is read it out loud and if you find it good to ear, you are good and your website is most unlikely to get penalized.

Exact Matched Domains

Though this technique still works, Google is fine-tuning its algorithm as not to pass an additional value for sites with exact matched URLs. Previously people were much into the habit of paying off astronomical amount of money but this has changed as Google has started evaluating the strengths of a website only because it contains exact matched keywords in the URL.


Google has made some unknown changes in its algorithm and probably it is not giving any more value to those links that do not look like they are acquired naturally. So, rather than focusing all your attention on the links and leaving your website as it is, you need to reposition your marketing strategy and focus on building great a great site.

Content Spinning

Creating crappy content and then making dozens of similar versions by making small changes here and there are some of those spammy techniques that can make your website nuked by Google. Creating fluffy content and then getting them submit in thousands of article directories are not going to add any value to the website rather this can make your website susceptible to Google penalties.

Link Network

If content spinning is not enough to make your skin crawls, there is Link Network where those crap articles get posted. BuildMyRank, LinkVana etc are some link networks that had (probably are) involved in manipulating the algorithm. What they do, is get crap content posted on different websites disregarding the quality and then give a link back to their clients’ websites.

But Google had recently come down hard on link networks and some of them have closed their business model for the time being. So, if you want to stay insulated and do not wish get nuked by Google’s over optimization penalty, this is the high time that you should debar yourself from joining such crap link networks as they are most likely to get bombarded by Google.



Think For Long Term SEO Investment

Do not count SEO as a short-term game, rather treat it is a long-term investment, whose sole purpose is to ensure that your website gets its share of attention for all the good work it has done. Rather than going for the same tried and tested SEO techniques that have become somewhat boring, you need to go for something crazy. Like:

  • Create an awesome tool
  • Create How to Tutorials
  • Publish white papers and make sure the quality is great
  • Promote your website via AdWords
  • Do not rely too much on traffic from Google
  • Do not put all your eggs in one bucket

Having said this, I must say that these are tough things to do but you cannot expect to have awesome results when you are not giving it your best. So, keep doing great things and I hope you will see your website getting better exposure online with the help of best SEO even if there is Google Panda.

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