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Learn to Use SEO Like a Pro With These 3 Simple SEO Tools

Here are three great SEO tools that are going to help you spot what you need to do next with your search engine optimization. Two of them are Chrome browser extensions and one is a web browser SEO tool. It may seem like overkill, but you could do far worse than using all three of these when doing your search engine optimization work.

Sure, you should not spend hours analyzing them, but more consider them as second and third opinions.

Simple SEO Tools to Use SEO Like Pro

Because, every now and again, one of the tools is going to churn out results that differ slightly from the other two and that is the sort of information that is important (especially if you are in trouble for potentially black hat methods).


3 Simple SEO Tools Like A Pro

PageRank Browser Extension

This is a Google chrome browser extension that you can get for free. It can help you judge the value of your web pages with the hopes that you will be able to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based on what you find.

If anything it is going to help you see which of your pages are doing good and which are actually ranked. It will also help you find the places where you are failing and have a bit of an SEO black hole.

PageRank Browser Extension

Go to the website and you will see how easy the interface is to use. It has a list of functions that run down the left hand side. They allow you to flip between SEO factors. It does not put it all on one page, which is good because the information is easily confusing. If you are unsure of that fact then try Google Analytics.

It will show you your SEO stats, traffic stats, site information, page information, link stats and page speed. It then has various SEO tools you can use to improve your SEO. It gives you a lot of figures that you are going to find very useful whilst improving your SEO, and will show you holes where you may have missed out an SEO factor. In simple terms, if you see one of the statistics as empty or void then you have missed something within your website SEO.


Open Site Explorer

Instead of going for Chrome extensions like the other two on this list, you can try this one of the SEO tools that runs on a web browser.

The tool is powered by MOZ, which is also present in another SEO tool on this list, but one has to compliment this particular tool for getting it right.

Site Explorer

We live in a world where things just don’t work for some reason. There are probably plenty of technical reasons. But take for example. Pop your website into there and it gives you results, but the results can be weeks old and they don’t seem to change. Then take AHREF, if you pay a full description then you get lots of information that cannot be faulted with the exception of the times it considers some of your links a non-entities.

The Open Site Explorer may not be as detailed as AHREF, but if you run it just after using AHREF (try the free trial) then there is a chance that the Open Site Explorer tool will churn out a few links that AHREF didn’t want to bother you with. Also, this may be both a criticism and a compliment, but the Open Site Explorer is easier to understand because it has less functions.


Mozbar Extension

MozBar is part of what used to be known as SEOMoz. They are not as popular in ranking circles as the Google PageRank or Alexa Rank, but if there was a third place going then most people would say that the MozRank takes it.

Along the top of your page you will see the options you have with the MozBar. It gives you statistics and such that you can see as visualizations.
Mozbar Extension
The bar also allows you to conduct keyword research and create customized searches by whichever search engine you wish, within whichever country or region you wish. You can access things that are important to ranking your website such as your domain authority and page authority, though it is judged by the MozRank standards, so it is only as reliable as you consider MozRank to be.

You can conduct keyword research based on what the Bing a Google search engines suggest, which is a very useful SEO tool because they are the biggest search engines on the planet (with Google being the obvious leader).

You can audit your site for important SEO functions such as your page loading speed and Meta data. You can also examine the more technical side such as your redirects.


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