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Penguin Update is Here – How To Safeguard Your Website Ranking

So, you are happy that your website has not been affected by Penguin update. Wow great achievement; it is time to have a great party. But wait, you are sure that your website is prepared enough to survive the onslaught of next penguin update roll out. Well, you are not sure about it.

So, unless you do not mind making your website open to the invasion of Google next Penguin update rollout, you should not bother about the present loopholes of your website.


How To Safeguard Your Website's Ranking From Penguin Update


Clueless about where to start or what changes to make to safeguard your website from the upcoming algorithm shuffle, here is a through guide.


Safeguard Your Website’s Ranking From Penguin Update

Take A Look At your Back Links For Penguin Update

Panda was more about the quality of the content, but penguin update is about the links. Since Google was overtly dependent on links to determine the quality of the website. So, if you have been acquiring links for your website the wrong way just to boost existing ranking of your website, you are just courting a penalty that could come knocking at your door at any point of time as per penguin update is there. There are still some legitimate ways of link building, and that means, you should not indulge in acquiring links via the below methods to safeguard your site from penguin update.


Offpage Factors To Check Out

Private network blog

Google has already waged a war against private network blogs that host all kind of articles disregarding the quality of the post. The purpose of these blogs is to add crap or machine generated content and then adding a backlink of external sites just to boost ranking of those sites in the SERP.

LinkVana, MyPRBuilder etc are some of the infamous blog networks that do such creepy things. Google has already brought down BuildMyRank and some of its likes and that means, if your website has some backlinks from those sites, it is high time that you should remove them from those creepy sites at the earliest.


Drop Domains

There are some people who are much in the habit of buying high PR domains with questionable backlink profiles. Getting links from these good for nothing websites will not be going to help you. Rather they will increase the chances of being toned by Penguin update.


Article Marketing

Though the term sounds great, article marketing is the worst thing you can try to make your website appear miserable in search engines eyes. Previously marketers were in the habit of publishing the same content on almost hundreds of similar crap article directories just for the sake of getting do follow links from the anchor texts.

However, these kinds of links are not going to add any value to your website otherwise making your backlink profile look heavily gamed.


Site wide Links

Blog roll, footer links are some of those links that can make your website really vulnerable to Panda. Previously marketers would spend thousands of dollars to get such link but after Penguin update everything has got changed. This tactic does not work anymore.


Link Wheel

This is an old tactic of gaming Google by Internal linking sites randomly just to boost the link profile of each of them and finally to have better presence in the SERP. However, is the smartest way out there to avoid of being getting caught but it is extremely time-consuming. So, rather than wasting your time doing something sneaky like this, you should go for creating something that do add value to the web and to the users.

Directories, Press Release, Bookmark, Forum, Profile, phew: There are so many different techniques of building links and believe me none of them add any real value to the website. They would only make your backlink profile bad, really bad and other than that.



Onpage Factors To Check Out

The title and description tag of your website should be unique, informative and should be keywords stuffed. That being said, I do not mean that you should not discard the importance of keywords altogether. Not all; rather I am advocating sensible use of keywords site wide. For say, you should not make the body content keyword focus. Make it nice catchy and that will do.


Internal Linking Structure For Penguin Update

While internal linking your website from the inner pages, you should not put your focus solely on the keywords. You should use normal text like – Click Here, Next, Read More etc whenever possible as this makes it easier for users to find the related information, rather than playing tricks with targeted keywords.


Article or Blog Post

Make sure whatever you are publishing on your website is going to add some value to users experience. Coming with keyword centric article will kill your website and hopefully, this is not what you might be looking forward to.



So, these are the few things you should be aware of while promoting your website so that it does not incur a penalty for Website and save your site from Google’s new penguin update.

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