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Important Search Engine Optimization Changes In 2014

The world of search engine optimization or SEO is at constant lookout for different Search Engine Optimization Changes made by the popular and major search engines in 2014. SEO experts now are expecting a change every time they log in with a major search engine resorting to manual penalties recently to curb spamming.

There are a lot of rumors that are resulted in due to these constant changes and there were also rumors about death of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Changes In 2014

There have been some important Search Engine Optimization Changes that took place in the way SEO operates particularly after the war on spam links. An SEO conference will give you information on these changes. Over the years, SEO has been changed in some ways.


Search Engine Optimization Changes

Search Engine Optimization Changes that have Occurred

Link building

There is some drastic changes that took place in the ways the back links are created. Earlier, SEO executives used to place the inbound links manually and these links are to be placed an appropriate platforms only. The page rank in the result page of the search engines is proportional to the number of links and as a result SEO professionals started using unethical ways to place links at ever possible place.

If you want to create links to your website it is only achieved by placing quality content at relevant platforms. You can do this by blogs and articles but they are under the scanner too. With the present search methods, Techniques like link exchange and guest blogging are doomed.


Keywords or keyword research are the major link between content writers and SEO executives nowadays are writers are writing the content for the users and not for the search engine‘s bots. Search engine optimization now targets the content optimization for the readers and not for crawlers.

Traffic sources

Earlier, search engines were the main source of traffic and therefore first page of popular search engines have become holy land for search engine optimization and they started targeting it. With the emergence of social media platforms, latest techniques bring a huge share of traffic from those social media platforms.

Clicks to conversions

Earlier, SEO techniques paid more attention on increasing the quality clicks. This was not a complete solution to the customer even though it created impressive numbers. Most of the clicks were not converted to sales at all. Number of clicks is no more important by the reviews and testimonials of the satisfied consumers are what that matters. You can know the latest changes in the SEO at SEO conference. It is also possible to Develop Relationship with Important people in industry at SEO conference.


Importance of Rankings

Owners of the websites need to pay more attention on their rankings in the results page of major search engines as it is not easy for them to stay top on the front pages of search engines. The algorithms of the search engines keep on changing constantly hence website owners need to focus more on their rankings.

Some principle SEO factors are laid down by the major search engines to which all the websites must adhere to improve their ranking that has an impact on its visibility. There are some important SEO factors that are to be imbibed by SEO service provider or the website.


Principle Factors that are Laid Down by Search Engines

Technical factors

To get top ranking in the results page of popular search engines, your site must be viable technically. It must have Meta tag descriptions, focus on keywords, H1, H2 tags. A newly created webpage should have solid description, Meta description, and title. Alt tags on images that perfectly describe the page.

Quality content

The content in the website must be readable by the users. Some popular search engine’s algorithms are now filtering all the content that is stuffed with keywords and spam out. Website owners must remember to offer content keeping their customers or clients in the mind an by maintaining quality of content.

Good back links

Earlier, top ranking was given to websites that had many sites linked to them. With the changes in the algorithm rules, websites that had number of poor links linked to them are penalized. Therefore you need to avoid linking your website to other site that has poor rankings.



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