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SEO Do’s And Don’ts For websites

SEO Do’s And Don’ts For websites! Why do you need this? Search Engine Optimization is an important part of internet marketing, which helps in boosting the traffic to your site.

SEO is related to influence search engines so as to rank the website higher in different search results. Therefore, it is essential to make some changes to optimize your website or blog so as to rank higher on search engine results.

There are many people who know about SEO but still make some mistakes that are mentioned below in form of Don’ts. therefore, if you know the Do’s of SEO then it is also important to know the Don’ts of it so as to make it a tangible and effective SEO strategy. Here are the SEO Do’s And Don’ts For websites.


SEO Do’s And Don’ts For Websites

SEO Do’s For Websites

1) Do create and update your website regularly

When we talk about creating content for your website, then you must ensure that you put useful content on your site and update it regularly. This type of content on your site will bring more traffic to your site and will also be crawled better by search engines.

But if your site doesn’t cater the valuable content, then your site will lose both the ranking and the traffic. Therefore to rank better in search engine results, make sure that you update your content regularly.

2) Do submit your site over directories

By submitting your website on directories, you can boost up your website’s ranking on all the famous search engines. You must make use of the directories like Yahoo, and DMOZ.

Before doing so, you must check the relevant categories and also check the guidelines for submitting the website over these directories.

3) Do attain relevant links from quality websites

The search engines focuses on quality of links not on quantity of links. The search engines focuses on relevant and authoritative links to give ranking to your website. Besides this search engines lays more emphasis on those sites which are linking to your site.


SEO do's and don'ts for websites


SEO Don’ts For Websites

1) Don’t use hidden links or texts

People commit this mistake, when they try various SEO strategies. The most common way to hide the links or the text is to use the text color similar to the background color (according to users).

If you make this mistake, you are most likely to be hit by search engines and ranking of your website will drop.

2) Don’t flood your pages with keywords

Sprinkling your keywords needlessly, everywhere on the web page will give your website a messy look to both the users and search engines. This can harm the ranking of your website and can also block your website.

3) Don’t wait long for SEO

SEO must begin at the moment you started conceptualizing your site. Remember that SEO is as essential as the survival of your website because without SEO you can never get the relevant traffic to your site.

Defining your URL’s, writing the content, defining of navigation etc. all affects SEO. If you start SEO after creating your website, then you have to do 60% of your work again.


SEO Do’s And Don’ts Summary

For effective Internet Marketing, it is important to remember the SEO Do’s And Don’ts as one wrong step can vain all your efforts.


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