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Top Five SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Small Businesses

Your small business highly requires marketing in any form favorable to the services or products being promoted. An inbound promotional plan implemented consistently could improve your visibility while strengthening your professional reputation. We have already discussed about 6 common SEO mistakes and ways to avoid them, and if you are running a small business, a number of SEO mistakes could also hurt your small business derailing your success online. Let’s check out five SEO mistakes which which are hurting your small businesses. Avoid SEO Mistakes

5 SEO Mistakes Hurting Small Businesses

Less attention to details

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The image you project before people is what they judge you by. Search Engine Optimization must be effectively harnessed by ensuring the content projected before people lacks grammatical errors and typos that destroys the professionalism your business is seemingly projecting, giving a very negative message about you. Working on your image is important to give a potential client the chance to trust and believe that you will deliver services as agreed. Let other professionals look at your content before it has been published, whether in print or online.

Misunderstanding the needs of the visitor or customer

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SEO falls flat if a small business has no clue what a potential customer requires. It is important to comprehend the challenges of your customers and find the most effective ways of giving them a hand. Prior to coming up with marketing plans, know what characteristics make your ideal clients, including what they really require fast before you provide the solution. Search engine optimization is not just about making a site known to attract traffic but to help retain the visitors to a small business site by understanding what they need.

Losing focus on a brand

SEO and a small business brand have to go hand in hand. The brand is more of a promise made to users or customers of a product or service and there should never be any disconnect between the things being promised and the service or products they receive. SEO and marketing efforts must not deviate from the reputation and voice of the brand that has been established to avoid angering, disappointing and confusing prospects and customers. It is important to ensure all your marketing efforts remain true to the message of the small business and what your brand is promising.

Believing in magical SEO

Some people have been led to believe SEO is some sort of magic that someone with great technical ability does to get a website on the top of Google’s first page immediately. What every small business needs to know is that a magic bullet in SEO does not exist. If an expert is guaranteeing pages on your site will be first on authority search engines now you are being scammed. SEO scammers know small businesses crave to be at the top where everyone can see them. This is what they promise. However, it does not mean good SEO experts do not exist. They can educate you on what will be happening on every level as they work on optimizing your site and content for the web. Their SEO strategy for your website will be clear right from the beginning and over time, the impact on your business will be felt.

Lack of a social networking profile and picture, image or business name

Social networking is such that people want to connect with the person behind the business. To connect with them and boost your SEO efforts, come up with a personal profile with your picture and name. social networking Photo by daniel_iversen


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