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Social Media Tools that make life easier

Social media is meant to seamlessly blend into your life, offering you multiple ways and means to keep in touch with family and friends.

Social Media Tools that make life easier

Thus, there’s the ever-popular Facebook with its pages and pictures, Twitter, the micro-blogging site and a host of social media sites. While all this is easy to use anyway, there are many social media tools that will make your life easier and more convenient. Here are some of them.


Social Media Tools

1. ScribD Social Media Tool

This application allows your Facebook contacts to access your PDFs. ScribD has used its basic idea of being a PDF provider for sites and blogs and extended it to the social media realm as well.

ScribD Social Media Tool

This tool will let you share newsletters, printable material, menus and checklists on Facebook.


2. Buffer

If you want to be seen and heard, this is the tool for you. Link your media sites to Buffer and you can send your posts or tweets on all networks.


So when you come across something interesting, just ‘Buffer’ it and it will show up on all your social media sites.


3. Twilert

This tool will tell you what the main keywords are and share any information about your business or brand if it was so mentioned or tweeted about. Twilert does this in the form of an email that is sent to you each day.



4. Eventbrite

Got a wedding to plan? A graduation party to host? Help is on its way in the form of this tool. Eventbrite helps you plan an event, setting up credit card and PayPal accounts if you’re accepting payments.


You can set up event pages, email attendees and use your smart phone to keep track of the tickets if they are QR coded.  A very cool tool to have.


5. Disqus

Spammers are everywhere and Disqus keeps them at bay. With Disqus, anyone who wants to comment on your blog will need to set up an account and this helps to keep out the unnecessary elements from your blog.



6. Hootsuite

The owl will let you post your thoughts on different social media sites- up to 5- from the same place. What’s more, you get to track all the platforms through the easy to use dashboard.


If you have more than 5 sites, then you need to pay a monthly allowance.


7. If This Then That

Apart from the quirky name, ifttt charm lies in its being a fun automation tool that lets you create options to auto-post comments and writing from your favorite author(s) to a ton of social media sites.

If This Then That

If you use Buffer, this tool will let you add blog posts with key words to your Buffer feed and you can get text messages on all sorts of things, including weather.


8. Hyper Alerts

This tool will send you a mail each time your Facebook contact reacts to your posts or posts on your wall. You can customize the alert frequency and give yourself enough time to write back to your followers.


These are just some of the social media tools that you can use. They are bound to make life easier, so do check them out.


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