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Top Link Building Methods After Google Updates

Promotion is essential for the success of a business and promotion is in short link building . Business promotion is done through various marketing tools. SEO for your site is one of such tools that are result oriented and competitive.

Link building is one of the important tools in the search engine optimization or in SEO. Most of the link builders mainly focus on the inbound links or backlinks.

Top Link Building Methods After Google Algorithm Updates

If your site gets enough backlinks from other quality sites, then your website will turn to an authorized site.



What Is The need For Link Building

Link building is a process that helps to inbound links in your site. The most important part of a successful online marketing plan is to create more links to your website. Every day, a lot of websites are added to the World Wide Web. By creating high value back links, you can keep your website popular. Some of the important link building methods includes

Important link building methods

  • Start a blog
  • Website directories
  • Article directory submission
  • Social media sites
  • Forums
  • Social networking sites
  • Blog commenting
  • Social media sites
  • Ask For A Link
  • Guest Blog posting
  • Authority links
  • Reciprocal linking
  • Press releases
  • Web 2.0 sites



Importance of professional SEO experts

Link building and Google algorithm update in 2012

Many years back, link exchange/ link building / the reciprocal building is considered as one of the best linking methods. In this method, the search engine specialist or search engine optimization seo company contacts the owner of the similar site and recommends him to place the specific SEO’s link on his partner page.

But this method become dead when Google started to frown upon this method. Today a lot of companies offer professional internet marketing services to their clients.


Article marketing is a best way of link building

In this method, the SEO experts will write an article about the client’s products and services and submit them in the top submission sites. When you submit the articles to the article directory, it will give fast approval. The articles should be compelling. Good articles will be able to attract traffic to the site. It is also better to register articles with many directories.



Social media and social networking sites

  • Social media sites include Flicker, YouTube and many other media sharing sites.
  • On the other hand, social networking sites include Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  • Social Bookmarking sites are dedicated to share links.
  • Some of the social Bookmarking sites are Stumbleupon and Digg.

Creating accounts at popular social networking and social bookmarking sites and submitting your pages is termed as a good method in link building. If your links on the social marking sites are closer to the front page, then it will provide a lot of advantages.

For improving the traffic to your website, you have to thoroughly research your keywords and tags. Adding multiple keywords is also good.

Social media networking is used as a suitable method for obtaining quality backlinks. This method will also attract a lot of visitors to your site and at the same time improve your search engine rankings with link building.


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