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How Webmaster Tools Helping In SEO

Webmaster tools are certain tools that can be used without any charges. It allows the user to check the indexing status of the website. Also, it helps in optimize the visibility of the sites. Google webmaster tools are the mostly used tools for SEO purpose.

Webmaster tools

Many of the benefits of the webmaster include the site-mapping, crawl rating & statistics view of the site, listing of all the linked pages of the site including internal and external, etc.


How Webmaster Tools Helping In SEO
Webmaster tools are basically used to see in the mirror about the website. At what point and with what rating your website is upended.


Webmaster tools helping SEO

Webmaster tools info at a glance

The webmaster tools let the user to see the status of its website. This is especially informative and helpful in case the user is handling a number of websites. The tools present the brief output summary of each website without much difficulty. In just one glance you will know that where your website stands and you have to improve its rating by doing search engine optimization.


The webmaster tools not only help in the indexing of information but also present its help in managing the sitemap of the website. It tells the user exactly what site pages are mostly viewed and preferred by the users by checking its traffic, which site page is ranked above the others, and which of the page needs extra improvement so as to attract more traffic towards it.

Indexing solution

Google is very selective in affiliating the websites with itself. The webmaster tool is the best way to tell the Google that I am worth your indexing so include me too. High level of search engine optimization helps in providing the solution to this indexing issue.

Site errors

The webmaster tool also helps in indicating any errors in the website. If there are any executing errors exist, you will be informed by this tool and you will be able to debug the error. This will help in avoiding rejection of your site uploading at the end time.

Page backlinks

Page backlink is mainly used by search engines for the ranking of the pages. Backlink means that the links on other pages of your website have links on your home page. The webmaster tool also shows the right information about the page backlinks of your website helping you to improve your ranking if in case you are down in it.

Search queries

Search queries are the keywords the users have been using in order to find the relative stuff on the search engine. Webmaster tool helps in this scenario by indicating the queries to you. Also, it shows that by searching the specific keywords, on what ranking your website is appearing. The information provides you with the choice of improvement by telling the right faulty place of your link in search engine.

You can improve your keywords for search, improve the content on your website, make it attractive for your user, avoid copying the other people content, and make your pages more brief and direct so as the user doesn’t find any difficulty finding its related information on your website.


These are some webmaster tools which will provide you power to boost your search engine ranking, be sure that you are using this for building your website SEO.


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