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Infographic – The Brands Which Rule Twitter!

Which Brands Rule Twitter infographic

One of the best things about social media is that it has given brands a fresh way to interact with consumers. Twitter especially has been put to good use by many brands who have fully embraced the opportunity to interact with their audience in real time offering them a new ...Read More »

5 Stunning Facebook Facts You May Not Know

Facebook Facts

There are close to 1 billion Facebook users, and if you ever asked them what they know about it, chances are most will not be able to tell you the fascinating part of its origin and influence on mankind. Though, that is not a barrier to using Facebook, it will ...Read More »

How Facebook Landing Pages Can Turn Visitors into Customers?

Facebook Landing Pages Turn Visitors into Customers

For most businesses, Facebook is said to be a valuable platform. We can elaborate value in different ways. In this post, this value is based only on conversions and the most important part – money. Whatever the size of your business is, you cannot calculate the amount of money made ...Read More »

Five Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest

Market your Business on Pinterest

Market my Business on Pinterest? TRUE. In contemporary times, the internet has become a medium people use to connect with individuals and personalities who Pinterest is a unique way of marketing yourself. Instead of talking about something using the written word, use a picture. They say a picture is worth ...Read More »

Does Promoting Book On Social Media Provide Good Sales?

Promoting Book On Social Media Provide Good Sales

Why social media? Many authors may face a dilemma regarding the publication of their book. Publishers want to publish books that already have a following on various social media through excerpts and short passages of the book. This is significant because then the publishers will feel safe that the book ...Read More »

Why Facebook Pages Are Seeing A Decline In ‘Likes’

If you have noticed a recent decline in your overall number of Facebook Likes for your Facebook Pages, you are not alone. Millions of users throughout the world were affected by a recent crackdown, targeting so-called ‘Fake Accounts.’ For many, the purge of fraudulent accounts went unnoticed, as most individual ...Read More »

Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords

Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords

For years Google AdWords has been the most reliable and effective form of paid advertising. With the huge, rapid growth of Social Media is AdWords falling behind? Below I will compare the positive and negative for both facebook ads vs google adwords.   Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords : Comparison ...Read More »