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5 Stunning Facebook Facts You May Not Know

There are close to 1 billion Facebook users, and if you ever asked them what they know about it, chances are most will not be able to tell you the fascinating part of its origin and influence on mankind.

Though, that is not a barrier to using Facebook, it will help you to use Facebook in a very interesting way. Facebook, you should know, began as a small idea in the minds of people like you and I, and for its part has its own share of interesting stories.

Facebook Facts

Now that we have Facebook in our smartphones and wherever we go, it’s time that we know the odds as well.


Stunning Facebook Facts

Fact 1 : Facebook is mostly in Blue

Did you know that substantial people on the Earth are blind to color? Yes, it is a fact of life that a significant percentage of the world’s population cannot see all colors and it does not bother many who inflicted by the malady.

In fact some animals like dogs too are known to be color blind, researches indicate. It may also interest you to know that males are more likely to develop color blindness than women. Color blindness can also be advantageous for some, and the person inflicted with the disorder can more clearly distinguish between colors that they can see.

Facebook is mostly in Blue

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is colorblind, though not to all colors. It is a fact that he cannot see red-green but sees blue clearest. So now you know why Facebook is blue allover!


Fact 2 : Helping Iceland to rewrite its Constitution is Facebook

Drafting a country’s constitution is a complex process. Expert lawyers, political bigwigs, judges and others in all walks of life sit together and do it. They consult people groups, consider a country’s cultural outlook, and take into consideration people’s aspirations before they come up with a draft. It is circulated, discussed and finally changes are made before being adopted by a country.

However, Iceland’s decision to use Facebook is a little strange and even a little too hard to believe. But, you have to believe it. Iceland is indeed using Facebook to rewrite its constitution and well the day is not far off before other countries follow suit.

Facebook it appears is changing the fate of nations, not just of a few individuals. Facebook, it appears, is now kind of a referendum place. At least that is what seems to be happening in Iceland.


Fact 3 : Facebook’s Graffiti Artist Dave Choe was not paid in Cash

Not everyone in history have the foresight to see everything in the future. Those who made it big in business, in leadership and the literary world are people who had some premonition to see the future of this world, wait for the opportunity and cash in on it, while the lesser mortals preferred immediate gratification and took cash for their work.

Often it meant burning the midnight oil and enduring poverty for long periods. Most of those who stood the rough weather in the meanwhile never went disappointed. At least that is what we learn in history books. When success came to them, it came in a big way.

Dave Choe, who will be remembered for the graffiti he made for Facebook will be remembered for a long time in the future for foregoing immediate gratification. He could foresee bigger returns in Facebook than most others did. When he was asked to design the graffiti for Facebook, he insisted on getting remunerated with company stocks, and his hunch paid for his patience and smart work.

The value of the stock used for remunerating him is today worth a staggering $200 million…anyone willing to wait that long for pay?


Facts 4 : Facebook can Break Marriages

Divorce and broken homes are an integral part of modern families. There is no end to the reasons that couple will adduce for seeking it in courts of law – fidelity, sexual incompatibility, financial downturn, health issues, differences of opinion, and even snoring, has left families broken. Unhappy divorces result in unhappy children and marred life. They are also known to cost the nation high in terms of wasted resources of the courts, all for just breaking an uncomfortable marriage.

Facebook can Break Marriages

Driving this trend is Facebook! Is that too hard for you to believe? Did you know that the cause for divorce, at least 20%, in the US can be traced to Facebook? Estimates also reveal that 25% of those who got dumped in marriages trace the cause to Facebook. Better watch out, and be careful about how you use Facebook. It can make or break your life, literally.


Fact 5 : Facebook, a Nation unto Itself

Geographical spread apart, a country’s population can influence the world at large. It can change culinary habits, change the way languages are used, change human behavior and even influence politics, even though they may be economically and technologically weak.

A huge population also means uncontrolled emigration of its people to advanced countries with aging population. There is already vast information on these issues. You can also see this happening in the case of India and China who have substantially younger people living there and are exporting people.

Facebook is no different from India and China in this regard, with each having a population of 1 billion plus to their credit, and the majority young. If Facebook is compared with the India and China, then it is a nation unto itself with a little less than a billion users (read population) in the third rank, and without a border. They can collectively influence the world in a way not even India or China can do collectively. Mind boggling! Isn’t it?


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