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B2B Marketing Or Promotion : A Social Media Revolution

For business-to-business companies, the key to a successful social media campaign is getting your product or promotion to go viral. For wholesale businesses and warehouses that sell their products to restaurants and other food industry businesses. The time is now to begin a social media campaign in order to make your clients and customers aware of your products.

Whether you sell industrial blenders or wholesale food products, by utilizing the following social media techniques you will be able to increase not only your sales but also your brand awareness. You can also check out how to use social media for small business.


B2B Marketing or promotion: A Social Media Revolution


Great Ways To Make Your Latest Promotion Or Product Go Viral

1. “Refer a Friend” promotion

“Refer a Friend” promotions. In the food service industry, everyone knows that word-of-mouth is an invaluable resource. Word-of-mouth is amplified when used in combination with social media. These refer-a-friend promotions are highly successful and an easy way to get word going about your products.

2. Contests

Contests are all the rage, especially on popular social networking sites such as Facebook. Didn’t think promotions could work for B2B sales? Think again! A business-to-business organization can use contests to get their clients excited about their latest products and promotions. Contests do two things: create a buzz about your company and also create an incentive for people to keep talking about your products.

3. Create Humorous Advertising

People like to tell funny stories – so by creating a funny advertisement, you are encouraging people to share it with their friends. If the ad is a photograph, people can “share” it on Facebook. If you create a funny or catchy slogan, someone might tweet it on Twitter.

4. Create a one-of-a-kind selling point

By making yourself and your product unique, people will be drawn to your company. If your wholesale company sells a brand new line of gluten free products, restaurants will be intrigued to purchase from you given the trend of creating allergy-friendly menus. You’ll have to choose another angle, though, since gluten-free is the new black.


Using these techniques on the best social networking sites is essential to the success of your campaign. For instance, posting your promotion on Facebook is a great way to get word out. In addition to selling commercial refrigerators commercial refrigerators to other businesses, Food Service Warehouse uses Twitter to help promote its products and social media campaigns.

Another Way To Keep The Word About Your Latest Promotion

Another great way to keep the word about your latest promotion going, and encourage it to go viral, is to post about it on your blog. Blogs will link to one another, and a great product or promotion will make for a great post by another blog. By combining the best techniques without the most-trafficked social networking sites, your company and its campaign will surely go viral.

Business-to-business companies can have extreme success utilizing social media, and by taking these tips to heart, will see many of their campaigns go viral. It’s important though, however, that these same businesses participate in social media as well. Other businesses and clients will be more apt to share, re-tweet and link your products and promotions if you do the same for them.

While traditionally, people have long relied on word-of-mouth to increase their clientele and presence in the community, social media allows us to reach a far greater customer base. It also increases our presence quicker than ever in not only the online community but among the local community as well for product promotion.


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