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Gaining Facebook Likes Is Hard But Losing Them Is Easy

Facebook is now one of the most active websites in the world, with more than 845 million users. It’s become a fantastic way for companies to advertise and set up pages that people can “like” to keep up to date.

There’s loads of different ways to attract links to your Facebook page, but you’ve got to remember that keeping people is sometimes harder than attracting them in the first place.



Try Couple Of Ways & Keep People Liking Your Facebook Page

Don’t Overdo It On Your Facebook Page

Talking about your company too much on its Facebook page will put people off. Posting things that people will find interesting like tips and articles or valuable information on your company Facebook page, will attract people to notice your Facebook page. Discounts and competitions are also things to keep in mind, and replying to people’s comments regularly will keep participation high.

Posting about a new product is fine, as long as you don’t do it all the time. Posting too often about anything is also a bad move. No one is going to want their home page filled with spam, so keep the posts down unless it’s about something really awesome.


Look After What You’ve Got

Companies will often run really great campaigns to try and attract likes to their Facebook page, such as running a competition that requires people to follow. The problem is, once that competition is over, a lot of people are going to unlike your Facebook page straight away. It’s during this time that you need to show it’s worth their while to continue following your Facebook page.

Posting valuable information like previously mentioned is the first step, keeping things as interesting as possible and giving people a real reason to like your Facebook page is something you’ll really have to do while they’re still there. Offering a consolation prize such as a discount code, and subtly mentioning that people should remain a fan for future competitions is a good idea should you have received new likes from a recent competition.


Branch Out A Bit

If your company sells parts for cars then try posting articles about car related topics, such as interesting facts about cars, informative pieces on car history or future or pictures of weird and interesting car designs. You’ll keep people interested with a bit more variety, but don’t just keep it on cars alone.

Look at what else the people liking your Facebook page also like. If your company sells parts for cars, it’s likely that your audience is going to be mostly male – so posts about other men’s interests are likely to go down well.


Don’t Forget About It

It’s important that you don’t overdo it by posting all the time, but it’s also just as important that you don’t forget about your campaign entirely. It’s something that your company has to work at in order to be successful and not something you can forget about and expect to run itself.

It’s not difficult to keep on track with the campaign at the start, but as it attracts more attention and more of those ever sought after “likes” it might be harder for you to keep up. You could look at hiring a member of staff to run just the social media side of things, or employ a social media agency to do the work for you. Either way, your campaign shouldn’t be something you take lightly.

How To Avoid Losing Likes On Facebook Page

So we can say it is very difficult to earn Facebook likes, but loosing your earned Facebook likes is very easy, don’t avoid above steps and save your Facebook Page Likes. Also check out Here you can check how to divert your Facebook Page traffic to you Website


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