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Facebook Groups Vs Facebook Pages For Social Media

This article is all about difference between Facebook groups and Facebook pages for social media. Here we will discuss all small and major things about Facebook pages and groups which can be good for social media.

Facebook Groups Vs Facebook Pages For Social Media


Facebook Provides 3 Common Ways To Make Presence For The Users

Generally Facebook provides 3 common ways to make presence for the users, and their brands.

  1. A Facebook Group
  2. A Facebook Fan Page
  3. A Facebook Profile

First of all the user needs to have his personal user profile in Facebook, then he can make his fan page and a new group.

You can never create any group and fan page without having the personal user profile. These all 3 social media bodies provide for different social networking as well as marketing opportunities.


Basic Difference Between Facebook Pages And Facebook Groups

  • Usually, Facebook Pages are used to promote any business or any product, etc.
  • Facebook Groups are used to promote or advertise a common interest.

We have seen that from last 2 years, Facebook is focusing on Facebook Pages as the most convenient and strongest marketing source of all three by creating fixed widgets.

And therefore providing internet marketers with the efficient tools to advertise their pages as well as build the fan base.

Pages are really less effective and efficient than the user profiles in relationship building. Also less powerful than the Facebook groups for just promoting discussions as well as having 2 way communications with some of your following.

There are really many differences between all three as per marketing purpose. There is one more important point is that user profile pages are not comparable to the Facebook Groups as well as Fan Pages.



Difference Between Facebook Pages And Facebook Groups

1) Global Visibility On Facebook

In the individual Facebook user profile you can just set the globally visibility of the updates on your profile on case to case basis.

In the Facebook fan pages you can only select that have rights to update the page. You can select anyone of them only admin or all members.

However in the Facebook groups you can fix the global settings individually for links, photos and videos.


2) Facebook Personal Interaction

Generally Facebook groups are designed for personal interaction. Only because of some security features, as well as the size limitations Facebook groups can have 5,000 group members and able to send email.

These Facebook groups are directly attached to the members who control and manage them.

If we talk about Facebook pages, then you will find that pages don’t list any name of the admin.


3) Facebook Pages And Facebook Groups Content

Facebook treats groups just like an addition to the personal actions of users. When a member posts anything just like a group admin, it just comes into view to be coming from the user only. And it is connected to the user’s personal profile.

However, Pages create the content or posts that appear from the Page itself. In that case the content are not to be attached to the user personally.


Facebook User Control

Facebook Groups provide far more control over the participants. Admin have rights to provide permission and restrict anyone to access the group.

However, Pages can only be controlled by definite ages as well as locations. This shows a group is just like a private club.


Facebook Applications

Only Facebook pages can easily host applications. So that a particular Facebook page can be more personalized but Facebook groups can never do this.


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