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How Facebook Timeline Works – Facebook’s Newest Update

Facebook Timeline ! – Facebook has evolved into one of the biggest companies in the world with hundreds of millions of users logging in on a daily basis. While most people enjoyed filling out their profiles and checking out other people’s info.


How Facebook Timeline Works


What Is Facebook Timeline ?

Facebook recently made a change that alters the way profiles display information. This change, known as the Facebook Timeline, displays everything in a chronological order and with a different layout.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook Timeline and how it works or change Facebook timeline. You may want to start learning about it now so that the transition is a little easier to deal with. Also read more about  what’s difference in Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.



Introduction to Facebook’s Newest Update : Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Cover

One of the biggest differences of the Facebook Timeline is the Facebook timeline cover. At that top of the Facebook Timeline, you’ll see a wide image that spans the width of the page. This is known as the cover and it is a unique image that you upload.

Facebook says to upload a picture that gives visitors a good indication of your personality. The dimensions for this photo have to be at least 720 pixels wide. Ideally, you should try to make your image about 850 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.

When you upload this image, you need to pick one that has a good resolution, since it will be showing up at the top of your Facebook timeline. You can resize your image with the help of one of the many image editing programs on the market. For example, you could upload it to Paintbrush or Picasa so that you can resize the image.


Facebook Timeline New Admin Panel

Another new feature that comes with Facebook Timeline is the new admin panel which is an area where you can navigate to and see information about your page. When you login to Facebook and navigate to your admin panel, you’ll see five different sections of information on the page.

  1. Notifications section : The notifications section shows you how people have interacted with your page
  2. Messages section : The messages section lets you know when someone sends you a direct message.
  3. New likes section : The new likes section shows you who has liked your page recently.
  4. Insights : Insights shows you how many people have visited your Facebook timeline and other traffic stats.
  5. Page tips : The page tips section shows some tips that Facebook recommends for your page, such as setting up a vanity URL.

You can click on the “manage” menu to edit your Facebook timeline as well.


Using the Facebook Timeline

One of the nice things about using the Facebook Timeline is that it displays your profile information differently. Because of this, you can use your Facebook account differently to share more information with your friends or fans.

For example, posting more pictures and videos to your page is now possible because of the layout. Posting images is likely to be more effective as they’ll appear larger on the new Facebook timeline, and there are also two columns to the Facebook timeline meaning that images, videos and posts will appear side by side.


Controlling Information Availability With Facebook Timeline

Another nice feature that you can use on the Facebook Timeline is controlling who gets to see your information. When you post something to your Facebook Timeline, you can choose which people can see it.

This way, if you want your friends to be able to see something, but not your family, you can do just that.


Switching Over To Facebook Timeline

When you switch over to Facebook Timeline, it will feature some of your top stories and pictures. You have the option of changing the information that is displayed or adding to it.


This way, you can put your best foot forward for your Facebook friends or fans and help them get the real story of who you are and what you’re about with Facebook timeline.


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