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Fullest Use of Social Media for a Small Business

In this post, I am listing down 4 largest and the most popularly used social media marketing portals. Every business no matter small, medium or big should consider.

Just because you are running a small business venture does not mean that you cannot promote it like the big enterprises do. Whether you have 2 employees or have more than 50 working, your venture still needs to get its name into the social media marketing.


Use of Social Media for a Small Business


4 Largest And Popularly Used Social Media Marketing Portals


With more than 800 million active accounts and still growing. Facebook is simply leading the entire social media campaign with the largest amount of registered and active users. Facebook happens to be a great approach when you are considering marketing your products and services. All you require here is to create your own brand’s Fan page.

The Facebook Fan page now is available in the Timeline format and you have to use it this way. Make sure you have the ‘About’ section filled in properly along with an appealing profile picture and cover photo.

It is important for you to keep posting engaging content on your page, as questions, post photos as well as interesting articles. Most importantly, you should be communicating with your fans quickly and positively.



It is one of the recently launched social media portals. Pinterest happens to be an Internet based pinning board for everything and anything. You can think about movies, fashion, recipes, home and garden, DIY craft projects and a lot more than this all.

You need to figure out an approach for your business to create any of these boards, for instance, if you have a photography business. You should be pinning everything and anything related to photography.



The importance of Twitter can never be overlooked. As it is useful in delivering information and vital news to your followers which should be under 140 words. You can actually tweet any kind of information, sales, news or anything relevant.

You need to make sure that you are being active and keep retweeting and responding to the tweets of your followers. As this would be useful in building a relationship with them. Follow all the big names related to your niche and expectantly they will follow your back.



You must get started with your own blog as it will help your customers as well as readers get familiar with what you are offering them. Come up with relevant posts based on effective information that they can actually make use of.

You can even be a source of guidance for them and someone they can easily have access to when they require a solution. You must keep updating your log regularly. If you find it hard to keep up, it is recommended to have guest writers post on your blog.



Social Media For A Small Business

Making use of all of these approach related to social media marketing. This can be helpful for your business to make it grow and gain the required attention without any initial investments. There are lot of online business tools available for free, you can also use it for your business.

It is simply about creating connections and building relationships over the Internet. With every social media outlet you can easily get connected with your fans, followers, viewers and readers.


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