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How To Increase Your Facebook Pages Fan Likes

Fan pages on Facebook have become the super hero for many businesses wanting to generate more traffic to their products.  Once a person “likes” a fan page; they in turn receive updates to the page as well as show their friends on their wall they “liked” a certain page.

If you take a step back, then you can realize how a fan page can go viral as well as the site or business. The major key element to creating successful fan page could make all the difference in your site.


Increase Your Facebook Pages Fan Likes Tips


How To Increase Facebook Pages Fans Likes – Tips

Facebook Social Plug-Ins

Focus your landing page to have either the like button or subscribe button or install these buttons on your website.  They can be interchangeable so either way you will gain more likes and possible fans that want to receive feed from your site. Statistics show that the more fans or likes a page has; the more it will obtain in the future.  So by installing the widgets on your site that receives 1000 hits per day will in turn transfer to more likes on Facebook.  There are some Facebook users that surf the site just to find new things versus other social media sites.


Pay For Them With Facebook Ads

Whenever you log into your Facebook account to the left you will find advertisements and some of those advertisements are actually other Facebook pages, mostly all of them.  It is worth adding a little money to have Facebook place your page on others landing page.  Another cool thing that Facebook will do is show several of those who have already liked the fan page, which shows that the page is popular and everyone wants to join a new trending fan page.



There are two things you should do with Twitter and your fan page. One, use your Twitter background as the Facebook fan page; include the URL in your profile. Next, link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page; this will create an automatic feed from your Facebook posts to your Twitter account.


Show Your Logo

Whether you are a business or the next best blogger to be followed, creating some kind of main logo that relates to you or your brand should be a part of the landing tab on the fan page.  Again most social users like visuals, so when they land on the Facebook fan page with a killer imagine chances are they will stick around enough to like it.


This is important that you are earning Facebook Fans Likes but take care that you are not loosing them. Check out HERE, to learn more about how to avoid loosing Facebook likes, because losing Facebook likes is easy but gaining them is hard.


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