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When You’ll Say “Social Media, Not The Best Marketing Strategy”

Since past few years, the popularity of social media has simply gained a huge popularity. The popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus not only connects old friends and find out new ones but has been playing their part in promoting businesses to customers dwelling over these sites.

This is due to the massive amount of people present over these sites, which have attracted the internet marketers to use social media for their business promotion and marketing. Despite a huge hype about the social media strategies in business marketing and promotion domain there could be instances when you may not find these platforms as appropriate for reaching out the customers.

Social Media, Not The Best Marketing Strategy


Many of the small and medium size businesses consider that they need to be active over the social media platforms just because it has become a new trend or fashion in brand marketing or pop culture. In fact, they now start getting a feeling that if they fail to be over the social media they will be obsolete in their efforts of business marketing. And in many cases, it has been proved right.

However, you need to be realistic and if you see things in this perspective you end up reaching at a stage when you will say that social media for your business may not be the best marketing strategy. Let’s dig deep into such scenarios when you can embark with this statement in the following paragraphs.


Social Media, Not The Best Marketing Strategy – When?

Do you really need a social media for your marketing efforts?

You can see social media becoming a good connector, which helps in aligning different brands and customers in the real time in a number of ways that were never seen and experienced in marketing domain in the past.

However, you shouldn’t be jumping inside the social media world with a feeling of being obligated. You would require a proper plan of attack, which carries some sense for your customers and business brand connector, which helps in aligning paragraphs in their efforts of the basic mantra is to understand when thinking of using social media whether or not you would be able to fit it strategically for your end result you are interested in accomplishing.

This simply starts when you actually start looking at your brand and the way your prospective and existing customers lead their lives in terms of social media in comparison with other mediums.

If you own more number of private brands with your customers who are not willing to share their stories with others then you should better stop thinking of using social media to connect with your target audience.


The governing factors to use social media for marketing strategies

In order to decide whether or not you need a social media for your marketing strategy for your business, there are certain factors to be checked. These factors can be called as the governing factors, which will tell you whether or not you should use these platforms for business marketing strategy.

To begin with, start taking a hard look over your business.

  • Check whether your business brand is of social nature or not.
  • Secondly is the social media platform for your business a forced fit or it seems to be turning out as a natural option.
  • Thirdly, you need to check whether or not your line of action really makes any sense in your targeted public domain?

Once you answer these questions, it’s time to check the other governing factor- the customers or your target audience. Firstly check whether or not your customers are social in nature. Secondly, are they connecting to the social media channels in a natural way and thirdly is your target audience or customers happy and comfortable interacting with you in a public domain?

If the answer to most of these questions posed both for your business and customers comes out to be negative then you are justified enough to claim that social media is not fit for your business marketing strategy.


Real time example to understand it

Just because every business is on social media platform doesn’t mean you will jump into this stream being blindfolded. You need to find out the answer as discussed above. To understand the same more precisely, let’s seek the help of one example.

For instance, if you happen to be a lawyer wherein you help your clients to be empowered and get away from certain negative things they have carried out in their personal or professional life, they would certainly not like to see any public acknowledgement about these affairs.

Also, they may not prefer to talk about these things in the social media channels. Hence at such junctures, can you still call social media the best way to connect with your clients? Certainly not!


Final word

This is certainly not a social media bashing write-up wherein you are being asked to get rid of these platforms. In fact, it simply helps you understand the real picture for you.

To start using social media platform it is often recommended to carry out a feasibility study and check whether these platforms can really fit into your business.

There are many businesses (especially the smaller ones) that hardly require any presence on social media. You need to understand when social media is not fit for your business marketing strategy before you take plunge into this field.

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