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8 Solutions for Social Media Troubles

Solutions for Social Media Troubles! Aristotle once popularly said that a human being is a social animal. What Aristotle had thought while saying this I don’t know. But I do know what Facebook, Twitter or Google+ means to present generation.

I do know how people are addicted to this so called socialization. Before you think the other way let me clarify that I do not belong to a Pro social media or Anti social media group.

Social Media Troubles

There are lots of people using social media and networks nowadays and many of them are using it extensively. There is nothing wrong if you find it interesting. Here I have tried to point out at certain Social Media Troubles and their solutions for the people who are fond of Social media or Social Networks.


Concern: Privacy and Security

We are living in “www” world today and as in every system this system also has some loopholes. By using or attacking to your social media account people can have your private details and people can also steal you identity! Here we are providing information about how to tackle these threats?

Social Media Troubles And It’s Solutions

Solution 1: Read Privacy Policy

When you sign up for any of the social media account, at the end of registration process you will have to agree with terms of condition and privacy policy of the site owner/s. Most of the people don’t even care to have a glance at it.

Instead of directly choosing the option of “I agree…” you should read and understand the whole policy. You must be clear in your own head how much secure this network is to share your private details. After you find it completely convincing you should agree with that.


Solution 2: Use Google before being Social

People often says in a lighter tone that only Google can answer whether god exist or not. Whatever, Google is a place where you can find lots of answers of your questions.

If you have any doubt about the privacy policy of any social network you should check it by doing “Google research”. (Unfortunately Google has also changed it privacy policy for users, but still you can trust them)


Solution 3: Discuss it Offline

We are in era where every next animal that can be classified as human uses social network. So you can discuss about the network you intend to join with the people you trust, before joining it.

This discussion can save you if you are aiming toward non reliable network.


Solution 4: Don’t reveal all things

After you trust a social network and join it, just don’t provide all the information publically. People can misuse them.

You can put a “bug” like not reveling your birth place, birth year, real name etc. You should not even share your financial details on social sites.


Solution 5: Choose a Strong Password

When you join a social network, you will have a password protected account. You should choose a strong password that includes a capital letter, a small letter and a number. Your password must be longer than minimum characters required.

Your password must not contain any personal information such as your real name, name of a family member, mobile number or any personal detail.


Solution6: Change your Password at regular intervals

In order to keep your account secure from various security threats you must change your password at regular intervals.


Solution 7: Don’t forget to Log out

If you are accessing your social media account on public devices (cyber café, library, university, etc.) or on someone else’s device please don’t forget to log out.

If you are tick-marking the tab “remember me” while signing in on your personal device please ensure no one else use it for account access on same site.


Concern: Obsession and Depression

It is proven that people become addicted to social networks and media. They become unsocial or detached from routine activities. They tend to be alone most of the time. And this tendency leads them to depression

Solution 8: Be social Offline

Don’t be on social network in all your spare time. Fulfill your hobbies, meet your friends and close ones too.


I hope that you have found answers to certain concerns and now you can easily deals with Social Media Troubles.

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