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Tips to Synchronize Social Media Platforms

Social media is an amalgamation of technology and public interaction by means of which people interact by sharing, creating, exchanging and commenting amongst themselves by means of the internet networks.

While social media is different from traditional media such as radio, newspapers and television in quality, reach, frequency, usability and permanence, its ease of accessibility and low cost makes it an attractive tool for anybody wishing to access a site or publish some information.

It has brought about a vast change in the way communication takes place between people, organizations and groups.


Social Media Sites

With networking sites such as Facebook, blogs like WordPress, microblogs similar to Twitter, etc., social media has become the best source for providing updates. Additionally, the increased use of social media via the cell phone has generated novel openings particularly for businesses, as they are able to utilize social media for market research, promotion of sales, building relationships with customers, etc.

Social Media Sync

Social media technologies that are commonly used comprise microblogs, podcasts, photo-sharing, RSS Feeds, discussion forums, vlogs, email, instant texting, crowdsourcing, music-sharing, voice over IP, etc. Most of these services can be incorporated by gathering data from numerous social networking sites.


Social Networking Importance

While most business owners are not familiar with social media, it is used extensively by small entrepreneurs and SOHOs. This new method of communicating is an excellent method to bond with one’s online clientele, if used properly. Though social networking is not very expensive, it takes up a whole lot of one’s time and one way to reduce the time spent to manage social networking is to synchronize the social networking sites.


Tips To Sync Social Media

How Social Media Sync Works?

Social media synchronizing connects the different social networking sites that one is connected to in order to provide more online exposure. When social networking sites are auto synchronized, the exact same message will be sent to all the accounts from one post.

This is a good as it will save effort and time as one does not have to copy and paste the content into many platforms to send out one’s message.

Auto-synchronization can be achieved by following these steps

  • Select an e-mail client like Gmail which allows one to export/import one’s associates.
  • In order to run one’s social synchronization, open a new e-mail account.
  • Transfer one’s business associates from the existing e-mail account to the new e-mail account.
  • Since LinkedIn allows one to back up one’s data, set up a LinkedIn account
  • Bring in one’s new e-mail account to LinkedIn
  • Ask one’s Twitter group to connect the LinkedIn account and similarly synchronize every network that one active on.
  • Accept the connection requests resulting from the above exercise.
  • Go to ‘contacts’ in LinkedIn. Go to ‘export connections’ and follow the CAPTCHA process. Create a backup file which contains all the social networking associates.
  • Replicate the process of importing with the new information file to generate an entire set of social media associates that one can get in touch with.


In order to get separate messages from one’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile, one can also use plug-in applications to manage these accounts.

Some of the plug-ins used to achieve this are:

  • HootSuite allows one to update WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one application and one can also schedule posts and attach RSS feeds so that blog posts will get automatically updated.
  • Seesmic manages and synchronizes numerous online social accounts like Tumbir, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Yoono exists as a browser, desktop or mobile phone application supporting numerous social networking services.
  • DandyID pools all of one’s social profiles to aid clients find the most known account of one’s business.


While social media is an important tool to boost one’s business, it takes a lot of one’s time. However, synchronizing allows one to reduce the amount of time that one spends to keep one’s group updated. So synchronize social media platforms to attract more clients to one’s business.

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