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Tumblr : An Introductory Guide

Tumblr ( is a blogging service. All you need to do is going to their website and sign up. You’re now the proud owner of your own corner of the web. But why use Tumblr as opposed to Blogspot or WordPress? Good question.

It’s really about what you want to do. This introduction will guide you through some of the basics on Tumblr as a blogging service and platform, which will hopefully give you an idea as to whether it’s going to suit your style, interests and blogging needs.


Tumblr : An Introductory Guide

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Tumblr : An Introductory Guide

Let’s start with some figures. Tumblr is on the rise, significantly. It is only four years old and last year saw it grow 900% globally, yes 900% – unbelievable, and another interesting statistic is that 2% of Tumblr users make up 43% of all visits… that is a ferocious loyalty.


As already stated Tumblr is a blogging platform, however it is designed to be simple and quick to update, both of which it succeeds at. And this means it claims the vast territory of market-share that falls between traditional blogging platforms and genuine microblogging (for that read Twitter). Suited to mixed media content and so easy to update Tumblr essentially offers the best of both worlds but without their flaws.

Once you’ve signed up, a case of adding an email, password and URL you can start posting to your tumbleblog. If you prefer you can do a little designing, making sure your Tumblr looks how you want it to, there’s currently over a thousand themes to adapt. Ok, now you can start posting. The dashboard is visual, with graphics designated to the type of content you can upload. These seven options relate to text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video. All of these work really well, though original content is dominated by photos, 42% in fact according to latest research.


Tumblr Introductory Guide

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And this extremely visual and easy to share content is where Tumblr rules, making the act of blogging truly and instantly social. So far the features described have all been related to blogging in a traditional sense, now for the microblogging element. If you like another tumble log you can ‘follow’ it. Following is exactly the same act as utilised on Twitter, and like twitter you will receive the flow of posts from that individual and any others you follow into your dashboard. This means a constant flow of visual and vibrant content of your choosing.

The bottom line is that Tumblr is easy, quick, vivacious, trendy and ahead of the cool curve (for the most part…), it is just the way blogging should be.

Any piece of content that drops into your dashboard you can interact with, predominantly either by liking or reblogging. Liking simply adds it to your collection of liked content whereas reblogging, reproduces the content on your tumble log. Each time a piece of content is reblogged or liked a ‘note’ is added. It is not unusual for certain images and other items to exceed 10,000 notes, there are literally thousands of these zeitgeist pieces of content happening and circulating every day. It’s a massive community, but this shared approving makes it feel like minded and even intimate. The overriding sensation for users is that Tumblr ‘gets’ me.


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