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How to Convert DVD To MP4 Videos For iPod/iPhone/iPad

To watch movies on the iPod/iPhone/iPad, it is always best to convert them into a shorter sized format. Also, not all the formats will play in the iPad device.

Converting the DVD (.vob) file into MP4 video is one easy way to store and view the over-sized videos in the iPad. Ripping DVD movies into MP4 format video can be done these days with the help of several software tools.

How to Convert DVD To MP4 Videos

There are a lot of video rippers available in the present day market. In fact, the video ripping tools can rip the DVD video into different file formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, RPM, MOV, and lots more.


What video formats do the iPad supports?

First know the formats that are supported by the device and then go for the conversion/ripping procedure.

First of all, find out a quality video converter software tool that can easily convert DVD into MP4 format videos. Once the video is converted into MP4 format, the size automatically reduces. However, there is no deterioration in quality.

More importantly, the products from Apple brand like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macbook supports playing of MP4 videos files.


How To Convert DVD To MP4 videos Basic Tips

Get Quality DVD to MP4 ripping software tool

Once a quality DVD to MP4 ripping software tool is managed, get the job started. Good software tools will usually feature simple steps and easier interfaces for the file conversion process.It can take a couple of hours to convert very big and high quality DVD files into good quality MP4 formats.

The PSP users can easily convert the DVD format to PSP based MP4 version with ease. A couple of very fine software tools for this purpose is WinX Free DVD-PSP Ripper, and WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper. In fact, these two software tools can rip DVD files into many type of video formats, anytime, anywhere.


Simple & Best Tactics For Ripping DVD to MP4 format

Ripping DVD to MP4 format takes place through some very easy steps. Let’s have a look at the steps:

Step #1: Download DVD to MP4 Converter

Download the required software tool from the internet.


Step #2: Install

Install the software tool as per instruction.


Step #3: Load the DVD Movie

At first, the user need to import the movies by clicking “DVD Disc” button. If the movie file is available in some particular folder of the PC, simply click the ‘DVD Path’ tab and selecting the folder where the DVD movie is present.


Step #4: Output settings

  • This can be achieved by clicking on the “Profile” drop-down button.
  • Then, select the output format in which the video will be converted.
  • A whole list of available format options will be available.

Finally, set the audio and video parameters as per need and requirement.


Step #5: Ripping of file starts

Click the “Start” tab to begin the ripping procedure.


Don’t Miss, DVD To MP4 Converter Tool’s Features

These software tools can add special effects to certain portion of a movie file and you can use these features and take advantages like

  • Trimming the video file
  • You can even add or remove subtitles etc.

Apart from the above mentioned software tools; there are some other effective ones available for similar purpose. Some names include DVD Ripper for Mac, HD Video Converter, Total Video Converter, etc.

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