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Efficient 3d Display Technology Software

For 3D technology to be effectively displayed, some software has to be used. This can include API (application programming interface) allowing programmers to make the most of pre-built modules of the software and its functionality.

An ideal API avails the right building blocks to allow easier development of a program for the programmer to bring the blocks together easily. APIs is thus useful in games with the most popular being Direct 3D and OpenGL.

3d Display Technology

Efficient 3d Display Software


Being the chief competitor of Direct3D, open Graphics Language operates in the open source environment and not really owned by any single corporate but provides a wonderful application programming interface. Basically, OpenGL ensures a programmer has a software interface to interact with graphics hardware.

This software is constantly under the attack of such companies as Microsoft and lacks a marketing momentum. It might seem to be lower compared to other APIs but not many know it is very powerful compared to DirectX, crucial for the future of games and supports lots of platforms.

It has quicker draw calls and the fastest access to new graphic features on various platforms. While Direct3D might be as quick as OpenGL with almost the same host of features, those using Windows XP cannot use anything but OpenGL to get the best graphics for gamers to use.

OpenGL is also highly used due to its cross-platform nature especially because gamers using Windows XP are still the majority. Using OpenGL ensures programmers get more powerful and faster graphic features than other APIs and on all the different Linux, Mac and Windows versions and on iPhone, DS, PSP, Wii and even the PS3.

Direct3D – A 3D graphics API

Direct3D has been in use for more than 15 years and helps to develop the most progressive 3D games’ graphics. As a result of development of various platforms such as Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows, this API has been developed immensely.

It is a component of DirectX API by Microsoft and available for all Windows versions starting from the old Windows 95 including other platforms as a result of open source tools. Direct3D comes in handy in rendering 3D graphics in those applications where the important thing is performance, especially games, while allowing an application to run on full screen as compared to being embedded within a screen or window; it can run through a window if that is the desire of the user.

Since its eighth version, Direct3D has developed way beyond the initial DirectDraw platform and has currently taken over the world of 2D graphics rendering as well. It is also continually being updated to ensure it is supporting the best and latest technology developed on three-dimensional graphic cards.

While Direct3D provides complete vertex software emulation, if certain of its features are not available in particular hardware, pixel software emulation is not offered.

For instance, if Direct3D programmed software needs pixel shaders and a video card on the PC of the user is not supported, this API is not able to emulate it. However, the 3D model’s textures and polygons will be rendered and computed although in a degraded quality and might not perform better compared to those produced by other API such as OpenGL.

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