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Top 6 Password Management Tools 2012

The number of passwords is increasing on a daily basis as most of us spend a majority of time on the Internet. Whether it is social media, banking or online shopping, you require a user name and password for every single website and a Password Management tool.

Some might feel that it is be a good idea to use the same username and password for different sites. However it is not advisable and is prone to risks. If the password is hacked by someone then you might completely lose all your confidential information in one go.

On the other hand, it just doesn’t seem ok to remember several passwords. This is when you would require the support of best password remember. Let’s take a look at some of password management tools.

Best Password Management Software 2012

1) Last Pass 1.72 Password Manager

This is a web-based password management tool which is capable of filling forms. So it can be used with any computer of your choice. This is how it works.

All your confidential data will be coded and stored in a safe location online. One thing is for sure. It is that there are no undocumented ways to get access to your data by any means.

The company assures supreme protection for all your data. It is also possible to recover your master password in case you lose it. To avail this manager, you simply need to install a plug-in and use it on any system of your choice.


2) KeePass Password Manager

KeePass is really a free password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a very secure way. KeePass is a open-sourced and you can use it for installing windows and for implementing iPhones and other Smartphones.

KeePass Password Manager - password management tool

You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master-key or a key file. So you only have to remember a single master password or simply select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).

There are several enhancements available such as the option to customize icons, automatic generation or passwords and auto fill-in of passwords.


3) Dashlane 1.1 Password Manager

Unlike various other password managers which require strong a master password in order to encrypt data, Dashlane comprises of a wizard that helps you to create passwords that are not easy to guess.

Dashlane 1.1 Password Manager

For instance, you can use a sentence that is easy to memorize along with a number. You have the added advantage of importing passwords from LastPass 1.72 and Roboform Desktop.

Once it is installed, you need to type your contact information, address and credit card information. You can provide the color of your credit card as well. That makes it easy for you to pick the right card. This password manager does not memorize your master password. Once lost, you have to create one.


4) mSecure Password Manager

Just like many other password managers, you will require a strong master password while you install this password manager.

mSecure Password ManagerPlus, you should type the password every time you use the application. mSecure password manager doesn’t demand for a password with several type of characters.

It takes in what you type. Usually it gets locked when the account remains unused for 30 minutes. However, you can change the time duration according to your choice.


5) Roboform Password Manager

Though it has not won any accolades for a picture perfect GUI, it is well-known for its easy-to-use features. Moreover it is well-integrated with several noted web browsers.

Roboform Password Manager

Not only does it allow you to log in to the already available services, but it can also fill up forms and help you register to new accounts with ease. You can use Roboform to automatically fill out details such as names and email addresses.

It can generate passwords randomly and print hard copies of the list of passwords which you can store in a safer place.



6) Norton Identity Safe Password Manager

It is very simple to install this password manager. It is capable of capturing and replaying login documents. Moreover you will receive help in generating a powerful master password.

Norton Identity Safe Password Manager

Norton Identity Safe can fill out online forms for you and defend you against certain phishing websites as well. You can also import password details from Internet Explorer.

In case you login to a safe website, this password manager will automatically save all the necessary details. You will also receive details of the job done in the form of a small information bar which will be seen at the top of the browser. When you visit the same site again, all the details will be filled out automatically.

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