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Windows 10 Technical Preview – 5 Best Things about Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 if they choose to upgrade in first year of Windows 10 release, Microsoft confirms in yesterday conference. Microsoft didn’t announced the exact date of official launch of Windows 10. However, it’s expected to ...Read More »

Why Data Recovery is important and get data back after It Is Lost

Why Data Recovery is important

In this day and age, people store almost everything on a technological device. We keep our personal information such as tax returns and resumes on computers, store pictures of ourselves, family and friends, and depend on our technology to file away business information as well. For this reason, it is ...Read More »

SMS messaging: Is the old champ down for the count?

For nearly a decade, the dominance of SMS messaging in the mobile communication space had gone unchallenged. However, the scenario has clearly changed, with new players stepping into the area to battle it out for the throne. Much to the dismay of the wireless carriers, traditional text messaging isn’t holding ...Read More »

Efficient 3d Display Technology Software

3d Display Technology

For 3D technology to be effectively displayed, some software has to be used. This can include API (application programming interface) allowing programmers to make the most of pre-built modules of the software and its functionality. An ideal API avails the right building blocks to allow easier development of a program ...Read More »

Beats Audio: An Honest Overview

Beats Audio: An Honest Overview

Ever since Dr.Dre released the updated beats headphones, it has generated a lot of buzz. It has revamped the way we have been using headphones and it has definitely managed to edge out the competition. Before you decide to buy beats audio by Dr. Dre, you may want to take ...Read More »

Three Considerations For Choosing The Right Computer For You

Choosing right computer

First check What Should You Buy – Laptop Or Desktop Computer? If you are planning to buy Computer please go check out investigate below factors before choosing right computer. The computers available from retailers today are extremely powerful in many respects, but there remains a wide and potentially confusing range. ...Read More »

Where Did All the Tech Jobs Go?


People are used to dips in the technology industry, but there’s something about this particular dip that’s extra-scary. In the past, a softening of the market meant that manufacturers and developers had to scale back a bit on production and possibly lay off some people. That’s happening this time around, ...Read More »

Internet Privacy: How Much Data Does the Net Hold on You?

Internet Privacy large Infographic

The internet fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate and the vast majority of us now use emails, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other sites on a regular daily basis to share our thoughts, send messages and upload photos of what we have been doing with our lives. ...Read More »