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Beats Audio: An Honest Overview

Ever since Dr.Dre released the updated beats headphones, it has generated a lot of buzz. It has revamped the way we have been using headphones and it has definitely managed to edge out the competition.

Before you decide to buy beats audio by Dr. Dre, you may want to take a closer look at what makes the new Studio beats outstanding.

Beats Audio: An Honest Overview

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Beats Audio

The Design of the Headphone

When it comes to the design, the form factor is extremely important. The form factor along with the new streamlined design is stunning, giving the headphones a sleek look.  The headphones are definitely lighter and streamlined, with more curves than before.

Ever since this model was launched, there has been a lot of buzz and people have appreciated how the old design has been revamped. The build is also amazing and extra care has been taken to ensure that the headphones appear less clunky.


The Performance

When it comes to performance, with the new headphones, you can count on precision and clarity, like never before.  Moreover, with the dual mode noise cancelling function, you can tune out ambient noises while listening to the latest tracks and use the same noise cancelling feature to block external noise.

The crisp audio quality that you get with these headphones cannot be traded for anything else. Not only will you get a high volume output, but the clarity of sound is phenomenally high.  And of course, you can always cancel the noise blockers, with the tiny ‘b’ located to the left, on the headphone cup.

When you listen to music with these headphones, you will enjoy the output and still manage to stay oblivious to the rest of the world at the same time.


The Possible Problems

Although, there aren’t a lot of complains with these headphones, some users have pointed out that the on/off mechanism isn’t the best you could find. Frankly, every user may have issues in trying to work out how to turn these headphones off.

When you fold the headphones and you are not using them, the power button should turn automatically off. However, that seems to be missing in this model. The headphones can only be turned off by removing the cable from it.

What’s more, should you forget to remove it, the headphones, in all probability, would get drained overnight. It would have made more sense if the on/off switch was easily accessible, especially when you consider the cost of batteries, for these headphones.

Another major problem is the price factor; headphones by Dr. Dre are extremely costly. Most people are not willing to spend so much on headphones and this could be one of the reasons as to why the sales number has been a tad sluggish.


The Verdict

If you are a diehard music lover and you’re on the lookout for headphones that provide additional functionality, don’t bother with any other variant other than the headphones by Dr. Dre. However, if you are not sure about spending so much on headphones, you can look for other alternatives that are not expensive but still offer good quality.




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    Many audiophiles will tell you that you shouldn’t use a headphone with such emphasized bass. But even if Beats may sound good to you now, you’ll be shocked when you hear something more high quality—for less money.

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