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Will Car Phones Drive Down Cell Phone Sales?

Many modern cars are now coming with pre-installed phone that are the same as mobile phones. The only difference is that they can only be used when you are in the car or driving.

There are many advantages that make car phones look better than mobile phones in certain situations, but are they good enough to decrease the number the cells phones sold?

Car Phones Drive Down Cell Phone Sales

Car Phones Drive Down Cell Phone Sales!


The main advantage that car phones have over cell phones is safety. You don’t need to pay attention to a car phone when you are using it. Just speak aloud and the other person will hear you. There’s no device to hold. This means that you can keep your eyes on the road.


Many car phones also have voice commands. This allows you to listen to texts and make calls without touching any buttons. While cell phones have contributed to many accidents because people aren’t paying attention to the road, you will be safe because you can talk to people without being distracted from your responsibilities as a driver.



Cell phones obviously have more apps, but car phones are starting to get useful apps that will make driving much easier. For example, many car phones now have GPS apps so that you can easily find your destination without a smartphone or GPS device. These apps also have turn-by-turn instructions so that you can easily find your destination without looking at the screen.

This does pose a threat to the smartphone market because car phones will soon have many more apps that will make smartphones less useful while driving.



While car phones are convenient, nothing beats a cell phone. You can’t take a car phone into a restaurant or mall. The phone is only useful if you are sitting in the car or driving. This is the one thing that will keep car phones from directly competing with cell phones. At the same time, integrating cell phones and car phones might be able to reduce the number of cell phones sold because they won’t be as useful.


Lower Service Price

Phone service is expensive with smartphones, but a major reason for this is because people are willing to spend so much per month to keep their smartphones active. While a car phone initially is quite expensive because you have to buy the car, the service is much cheaper for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because consumers refuse to pay the same price as with cell phones.


Another reason is because car phones aren’t quite as useful as cell phones. They can’t be carried around, don’t have as many apps and aren’t as strong. This might change as the car phone evolves and changes, but currently the monthly price is much lower for car phones.


Less Customization

People love customizing their cell phones. Most modern cell phones allows for a lot of customization to make people happy. This isn’t an option right now for car phones. The truth is that most car phones have very simple operating systems with limited functionality. If this doesn’t change, then it’s unlikely that car phones will be able to overcome cell phones.



Car Phones And Cell Phone Sales Conclusion

Car phones are useful, but they aren’t quite useful enough to be a threat to cell phones. They have many advantages, but they can’t match the convenience of being able to carry a cell phone wherever you go. While these phones might be able to reduce the overall number of sales somewhat, it won’t be a major change to the cell phone market.


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