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Free To-Do Task List Apps for iPhone and Android

With the increasing popularity of iPhone and Android phones the demand of Free to-do- taskapps that are used both of these phones is increasing day by day.

iPhone and Android To-Do Task List Apps

Though there are a number of such apps available in the app stores but most effectively used 5 top Free to-do- task list apps for iPhone and Android are submitted in this article for your reference.


iPhone and Android To-Do Task List Apps

Dobot ToDos iPhone Apps

Dobot ToDosDobot ToDos is one of the simple and affordable iPhone to-do list apps that can be ideal for you if you want to use its plain interface with several other important features provided by it.

It is simple to use to add a task by pressing + button and edit its name, due date, priority and note provided on it. Priority, due date, or creation date can be easily edited while viewing the task list.

You can also view finished tasks, unfinished task and due tasks along with the whole list of tasks easily through this app.



Astrid Task/Todo List Android app

Astrid Task/Todo ListTasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone app can be used by Android owners as its interface can make it easy for them to view, edit and add tasks on their device.

You can easily check off the item completed on the list and start another immediately. The lists of tasks can be organized under different heads to make it easy to set reminders for the things to come.

You can take advantage of voice reminder and voice task features if this app if you have an android phone with 2.1 or higher configuration. It can be easily downloaded.



Taskos To Do List app

Taskos To Do ListTaskos To Do List app allows you to create a list of daily routine tasks on your Android phone without any problem.

You can also add an item to your task list only by speaking through its voice activated feature after downloading Google Voice.

You can easily edit, check of or delete as well as set alert and enter note to any item on the list of tasks.



Zenbe List iPhone app

Zenbe ListThough Zenbe List app for iPhone seems to have few simple features but it is provided with two special features as compared to other to-do list apps.

These are ability to share your list with others and backend sync with Zenbe. Collaboration lists with your co-worker can be created easily to sync it with your Zenbe account and enable the partners to share the list by emailing them your share link. Any update on the list by any partner will be visible to all.



CheckItOff Android App

CheckItOffCheckItOff Android to-do list app comes under customizable category and is in sync with Google Task.

You can easily organize the things as per their category, priority, or date through this app.

You can set reminder to remind you the things to be done in time. Periodically reoccurring tasks can also be reminded through it.

You can create notes and subtasks to any item of the task list.



So, these are the 5 top Free to-do- task list apps for iPhone and Android among a large number of other apps that are usually used these days.

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