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Entertaining Apps For Your Android Or iPhone

Keeping tabs on the most enjoyable and cool Android apps or iPhone apps can be extremely hard. There are just far too many apps currently available for download in the Android Market and from App Store. These must-have useful applications will let you be entertained on the go on any Android smart phone/tablet or i Devices.

Entertaining Apps For Your Android Or iPhone

Top Entertaining Apps For Your Android Or iPhone

Talking Tom series (Game)

Talking Tom series is the craze. With roughly around 250 million people who have downloaded it on their android phone, iPhone or iPad. This was started by an Indian developer and was submitted to Apple.

Talking Tom series (Game)

Six million downloads after; it was heralded as a genius app by top experts and is now churning millions more in the Android market. Talking Tom is a cute and naughty cat that repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

And also you can poke, punch or caress Tom and laugh at his reactions. Talking Tom has now spawned a series with girlfriend Angela and nemesis Ben the Bulldog also taking top reins.


Sonar (Social Media)

Another iOS original app making waves in the Android scene is Sonar. It has been considered by CNN and Wired Magazine as a must have app and an essential tool.

This application uses Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare and LinkedIn data and alerts you whose friends are nearby and how they are connected. Sonar enables you to create special connections to other people, not only friends that are in your surroundings.

You can find interesting things with the other person by chatting them up



This is certainly a powerful drawing program wherein you begin with a blank canvas, open up a pre-existing picture, or maybe import a photo so that you can put your personal touches.


If you’re dealing with a blank canvas, the ideal place to start would be to choose the background shade for the canvas. Then, pick the drawing tool you wish to use. Select from Brush, Eraser, Fill, or Smudge. After that, proceed to the Adjust option to use the settings for the tool.


Speaktoit virtual assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is an electronic friend for your own Android unit that utilizes natural language system to respond to questions, identify information, and link you with numerous web services, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Speaktoit virtual assistant

The Assistant works together with your mobile phone to obtain maps, look for news and images, check out weather reports, change currency and deliver email.

Therefore, it is lot like Siri but made naturally for your droid, plus it has better options.


Android Lightsaber

“Lightsaber skills, important they are. How to use as well as how not to use. When to move as well as when not to move” – Master Yoda

Android Lightsaber

Words coming from the wise, and the Lightsaber app makes you be one with the Force. Officially endorsed by LucasArts, savor the power of the Force using your smart phone. With five various Star Wars characters that can be selected, you simply tap the screen to unleash your Jedi weapon.

Those classic buzzing and swooshing sounds will be heard as you swing your phone. It will crackle and flash as you hit invisible foes and factor in a John Williams epic music and you are on your way to a legendary battle.

Just keep watch of any spying camera as you don’t want to be the next Star Wars Kid.



Everyone is into karaoke these days and what better way to while in your time than to have music player app that you can sing along with.


MusiXmatch allows you to search any lyrics for your song list and it has a wonderful GUI that makes browsing and selecting easy.


Guitar Solo

Guitar Solo application is an excellent free app that emulates an actual life guitar on the Android mobile phone as well as tablet enabling you to perform your own favorite melodies any time and anywhere you like.

Guitar Solo

The app includes chords constructed as keys and strings , which owners can easily just touch to replicate numerous sounds, which makes it a lot easier for newbie’s to dazzle people around, particularly their girlfriend .

Download Guitar Solo On Google Play

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