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Best Online Business Tools For Free 2012

A lot of small business owners don’t seem to realize that there are a lot of great online business tools for small businesses out there that can help them get more sales in the long run. And the best part is that a lot of them are actually completely free of charge.

Best Free Online Business Tools 2012

Here are some of the best free online business tools that can help small businesses boost their sales in no time.


The Best Free Online Business Tools 2012

1. Reporter Connection And HARO Business Tools

People who have always been wanted to be seen as an expert in the industry of major media can now sign up to get emails from Reporter Connection and HARO to start out. These emails can actually help people get in touch with reporters who are looking for certain information, quotes and if they can provide these reporters with decent responses.


Reporter Connection And HARO Business Tools


They can get linked to and placed into various outlets that can help out their business in the end. Because of this, Reporter Connection and HARO would generally be two very important tools for businesses to look into nowadays.

2. Quora And MediaBistro Forums Business Tools

People who have a lot of questions in the industry can simply get all of the answers that they need from real professionals in the matter. Fortunately, MediaBistro forums tend to be filled with PR experts, marketing mavens and copywriters that are all glad to share what they know.


Quora And MediaBistro Forums Business Tools


Quora, on the other hand, refers to a helpful tool similar business tools to Yahoo! Answers, but without the bad advice and spam that the latter is now notorious for.

3. Software For Social Media Management

Before people can use this software, they will need to have various social media accounts up and running first, such as on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Facebook. Once these social media accounts have been set up, they can then start looking for software that can help them manage their social media updates. Then these will acts as the best business tools.

Software For Social Media Management

Most users prefer TweetAdder, Hootsuite and Cotweet, though, because they are all completely free of charge business tools. Although the majority of professionals usually go for Hootsuite, all of the aforementioned software programs are pretty reliable.

Generally speaking, they all have keyword streams, as well, which can help users find people who are tweeting about products and services that they might need.

Users who find people looking for products and services that they have on offer can then reach out with special coupon codes. For extra help, hashtracking can figure out which hashtags would be ideal to target on Twitter for optimum visibility.

4. WordPress Plugins For Business 

Blogs are generally very important for social engine optimization because fresh content gives users good excuses to get back links to their websites and social media accounts. Blogs can get help with optimization through plugins, though several of which are highly beneficial and free of charge.

WordPress Plugins that Must Use

WordPress plugins would be the best business tools to start with for this, though, since they are already famous for being the best SEO plugins in today’s market. SexyBookmarks is quite famous, too, because it uses cute buttons that are easy to share, in general.


Naturally, as with everyone else, online marketing comes with a learning curve, though, so don’t get discouraged early on. Instead, just keep working on honing your skills and you are sure to see positive results in no time with this business tools.



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