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Must Have Gadgets For Seniors 2012

Just because they’re your parents or grandparents and didn’t grow up in the digital age like you probably did doesn’t mean they should be left out of the awesome world of technology or gadgets!

Must Have Gadgets For Seniors

Keep The Senior Citizen In Your Life Up To Date With These High-Tech Gadgets

Upgrade the lives of the seniors you care about by arming them with some of the most high-tech and useful gadgets for 2012 on the market. Here are some ideas to start with.


Must Have Gadgets For Seniors

1. Extra Large Print eReader

How much do you love your iPad, Nook or Kindle for reading? Don’t you think your parents or grandparents would like one, too? They’re so easy to use, and the good news for seniors – they’re available with extra-large text.

Extra Large Print eReader  - Gadgets

It’s like a digital magnifier that makes reading quick, easy and convenient. There are some special models that make only the extra-large text readers, but many Nooks, Kindles and iPads now have the option of enlarging text.

Your parents or grandparents probably love to read, so do them a favor and buy them an extra-large print eReader for their next birthday or holiday!


2. Digital LCD PeepHole Viewer

If the senior in your life still lives in the comforts of their own home, or if they live in a busy senior retirement community or assisted living facility, tech them out with a digital LCD peephole viewer.


Digital LCD PeepHole Viewer

It’s a simple LCD screen that mounts directly over the already existing peephole, but provides a much larger, much clearer picture of exactly who and what is outside their door. And you know that annoying fish eye look that most peep holes have? The LCD screen has a built-in adjuster for that, so all you see is a perfectly clear, perfectly rectangular picture.

It’s just as safe as a regular peephole, meaning that when you look out through it, you won’t darken anything to show the person outside that you’re home. It only costs about $150 and it’s so much easier and more convenient, as well as easier on the eyes, than a traditional peephole.


3. Ring Pen

This is just as it sounds – a ring pen is literally a pen that attached to your hand via a ring that you wear on your finger, so the senior in your life will no longer have to worry about being able to grip a regular pen to write or not!

Ring Pen

It’s one of the cheapest gadgets out there at $9, and it’s definitely worth the investment. A lot of seniors have issues with writing because they struggle with join or muscle pain in their fingers or they lack the ability to grip anymore. This solves it all. They can still write anytime they like and it’s as easy as moving their hand with the ring pen on.


4. Vibrating Wake-Up Watch

The Shake ‘n’ Wake is an alarm clock that’s worn around the wrist like a watch. It looks like a watch, it performs the same functions as a watch, but it has the added benefit of a vibrating alarm clock.

If you or your parents or grandparents are hard of hearing, they may not always hear the alarm go off to get them up in the mornings. They’ll never have to worry about that again with a vibrating wake-up watch. All they’ll have to do is program the watch just like a regular alarm clock, and it will gently vibrate when it’s time to wake up.

The Shake ‘n’ Wake itself is only about $40, but you can get more advanced ones that look much more sleek and high-tech for just a slightly higher price.


5. Infrared Pain Reliever

Infrared light has been used as a pain reliever for many athletes for several years now and has proven itself as a great means for relief from aches and pains. Now that the technology of infrared light used for pain relief itself is getting somewhat old, there are new, convenient ways to get this same kind of therapy right in your home.

Infrared Pain Reliever

A small, lightweight, handheld infrared light machine can be used to bring highly concentrated doses of heat to any muscle or join that’s experiencing soreness, stiffness or pain. Just hold the infrared light device over the affected area and feel its penetrating effects. It’s a perfect at-home pain relief solution for minor aches and pains associated with arthritis.

It’s a very affordable ($160) form of treatment, too, and you never have to leave your home to use it.


6. An iPhone

An iPhone, or any other smart phone, for that matter, will not only help the senior in your life stay connected to family and friends, but there are tons of useful apps out there to help seniors organize and keep track of their daily lives.

Apple iPhone


Importance Of Gadgets For Seniors

You can find everything from journals to keep track of pills to fun games designed specifically for seniors in the app store. They’ll enjoy playing with their new technology and they’ll be more likely to feel connected to the younger generations in their families by having a gadget that everyone else has!

Keep your seniors in the loop with some new pieces of technology. They’ll thank you for it and you’ll be happy to see them gaining the knowledge of working some of these high-tech gadgets!


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