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5 Bold Gaming Predictions For The Next Five Years

In the last article we have discussed about Tech Predictions For The Next 5 Years, let’s talk about Gaming Predictions For The Next 5 Years. Gaming has come a very long way since its inception.

From table pong (or tennis, if you prefer) to the highly graphically complex games of today such as Gears of War and Borderlands, gaming is at a point where people are starting to wonder; what next?

Gaming Predictions For The Next 5 Years

And of course, when you get to wondering, so many possibilities surface that it can be extremely difficult to choose just one. And for that reason alone, we have chosen five bold gaming predictions for the next five years—things that we are positively certain will happen due to demand or complaints, and will have an enormous impact on the future of gaming as we know it.


Gaming Predictions For Next Five Years (2013-2018)

PC Gaming to Move Away from DRM

PC gaming has better graphics than consoles, and for the longest time, PC gamers were proud of the fact. They did not mind spending hundreds of extra dollars on the latest and greatest GPUs and CPUs because the games were what mattered, and the better they looked, the more enthralling the experience was.

And then along came DRM.

PC gaming publishers blamed pirates for DRM, but in reality, DRM was around before pirating became such a huge issue. If you do not know what DRM is, it is basically a set of rules that dictates your purchase, and ensures that your game you spent fifty or sixty dollars on is little more than an over glorified rental, subject to change and repossession at the publisher’s will.

Some houses are already making the move from DRM, which is good because DRM is highly invasive. As it stands, the big league players are not making the move, and PC gamers are not happy about it.


Stop All the Shooting

No, we are not talking about the violence factor; we are talking about game publishers and their lack of risk taking with anything that does not involve shooting. Shooters are fun, and they can be great, but there are so many generic, knock off titles spewed out each year that shooters are no longer what they once were.

These days, even the big game titles can suck from lack of good mechanics and originality. For gaming to survive, publishers are going to need to take risks. As it stands, indie publishers are currently making more money than ever, so that is actually a good thing; they are the ones really doing all of the leg work and putting their butts on the line. So perhaps the big guys should just keep doing what they are doing and fade in to the background.


Horror Games

Horror games, usually, suck. It is a fact. The Resident Evil franchise, once the top dog of horror, is now a jumbled mess. The latest installment, Resident Evil 6, was so entirely unplayable due to massive amounts of cut scenes that threw you out of the game every 30 seconds you were allowed to play and quick time events that took up 70% of game play, is one example of how horror in gaming has been turned in to something of a joke.

And what is most unfortunate is that many of the upcoming horror titles have been cut. The reason? Bad horror sales. But the sales aren’t bad because the games are horror—they’re bad because the games being released are so terrible!

There is still a huge audience for horror gaming. We expect that soon enough, horror will make a strong comeback. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent are a hope, but we are going to need more than a half dozen jewels a year to keep us satisfied.


3D Gaming

3D gaming is already getting started. It has its roots directly in PC gaming (so yes, console lovers, you can think the guys you always pick fun at for your games popping off the screen now), and Microsoft and Sony are really starting to pick things up. Well, sort of.

3D gaming right now is a lot of hit and miss. The problem is that games are not being made specifically for 3D gaming. Thus, the 3D is not very good. In the next five years, we predict that games are going to be started as 3D games and published as 3D games with a 2D option available. This will with out a doubt make a huge impact on the further future of gaming.

Soon, it will be no surprise to see that 2D gaming goes the way of all other out dated gaming. We expect that probably by 2015 or maybe even 2016, games will get under way that are entirely about 3D and nothing but that. It will be the same way 3D movies are made especially to involve the watcher. It will be entirely successful, if done right. But if done wrong, 3D gaming could wind up taking the back seat all over again.


Game Prices to Rise

Game prices are crazy right now. Over the past few years alone, they have risen. Right now, you will be lucky to pay under fifty dollars for a brand new game. If 3D gaming does become the way of the future as we believe it will, you can bet your bottom dollar that game prices will soar even higher. What does that mean? Well, first it will mean less game sales. People are going to have to pinch pennies, and pick and choose their purchases more wisely.

But something good can actually come out of this as well.

With higher pricing, gaming companies are no longer going to make nearly as much off of crappy games, which means they will have to put just as much, if not more, effort in to making games playable as we will have to put in researching games so we do not wind up disappointed and out the seventy or more dollars we spend.


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