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How the Latest Version of OWASP Top 10 2013 Can Assist Organization Safety

Today, the IT market is plush with tremendous applications. Everyday a new application brings a new wage to the user with its interactive features. And this competitive world has also invited some non-secure applications to cover and attract the market with its cheap offers bringing endangered environ for the users.

With multiple studies and researches, different IT security companies have observed that the more complex and interconnected your IT infrastructure gets, the harder it is to secure your applications. Thus, the organization must take the very first step of eliminating comparatively straightforward security vulnerabilities.

For eliminating such threats OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) creates effective frameworks for different organizations and pinpoints the most commonplace and highest-priority application security risks plaguing organizations today. Every now and then the company brings new updates and news for different companies to get updated form the latest threats that might affect their IT infrastructure; and along with that the relevant solution for the same may prove result oriented.


OWASP Top 10 is the latest of the updates with its documents and tools along with all other OWASP offerings are available for free. If your business needs to comply with PCI-DSS standards, you may be familiar with the OWASP Top 10 because the standard makes reference to it.

This latest buzz has marked the project’s 10th anniversary which is released every three year. If you would be wandering for this three year’s cycle the reason is: you may not frequently need to get updated from any substantial risk and the already updated solution may work for the upcoming small threats too. And conventionally, most of the organizations have still not addressed to these well-publicized risks.

Now the most important thing is whatever the superiority level of your IT security program is, making use of the OWASP updation is all essential for you. Even if you have a good connection with a renowned application security company, you can still ask for the OWASP updation which can be easily provided by the experts who regularly bring you the application security services for smooth running of your organization. This updation is important as per the current needs and to defend against high attacks of intruders.

OWASP Top 10 2013

The OWASP top 10 update is there to help you learn from the mistakes of others, and offers specific guidance on how to mitigate the risks that are almost certain to some extent present in your applications today. The new 2013 edition of the OWASP 2013 is “Using Known Vulnerable Components” to highlight the vulnerabilities.

OWASP Top 10 2013

As most of the web developers use some of the components being built by other developers, it’s essential to check out security reporting on toolkits, widgets, libraries and on. It is also essential to reincorporate the latest and most secured versions of components into your applications to save the system and the configuration from other party interference.

OWASP organizes annual meet on national and international level; since last few years OWASP India has also been into organizing national level conferences and annual meets. The same is managed by Mr. DhruvSoi, Chair Person OWASP India (Director & Founder of Torrid Networks). The crowd here is full of best information security experts of India’s and worldwide.

The main concern of the meet is to make aware about the latest amendments in security domain. Experts share their case studies and experience with others to make meet successful. OWASP is a boon for thousands of security fresher’s who are guided under this program.

Thus, the OWASP guidance can bring lots of ways to incorporate with the essential application security programs and services and also help others.


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