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How Safe Is The Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing! Putting files in a good storage system, commonly known as file backup, is probably the most important task, since computers and technology have drastically improved lives. Thanks to the development of hardware devices, like external hard drives, backing up files has become very easy. (Read more about what is best Backup Hard Drive or Cloud Computing)


How Safe is Cloud Computing


With a connection through a USB cable, it takes only a few minutes to copy important files from the computer’s hard drive to the external disk. People have relied on these external hard drives for their backup, making sure that their files are at once safe and secure.


Why We Need Cloud Computing

As years have gone by, doubts and questions emerged on the reliability of this particular backup system and this has led to a quest for a better method of backing up files.

Questions such as what happens to the backup system in light of a virus,  an accident or theft, would the important files still be secured? What if that particular external hard drive crashed? Do people need to bring that hard drive wherever they go? Is it safe to bring it wherever they go? As well as issues of convenience and safety were of foremost concern. Cloud However, Computing addressed all these questions.

Cloud Computing has become popular for a few years now. With this technology, you will be able to get a service for computing and storage capacity.

Basically, cloud computing allows end users to rent a server and transfer files using cloud-based applications such as a web browser, a lightweight desktop or mobile app. The business software and user’s data are stored on servers that are located remotely.



How Safe is Cloud Computing

Most people who surf the Internet are already familiar with cloud computing, although they are not aware that they are actually using the service. Cloud Computing is present every time a person uses a Web-based email. When someone shares or stores photos online; or it’s present even in something as rudimentary as looking up something on a search engine. In doing these, that person has entered “the cloud.”

With this kind of setup, you are assured that your data are safe. How?

  • The third-party vendors who will provide your cloud computing business applications take every precaution necessary by installing anti-virus program, firewall, data redundancy, data encryption and the like to ensure your files’ safety. Securing your files will be handled by the vendor and all you have to do is make sure that your computers are safe before accessing your server.
  • Companies that provide this service would provide stable and safe environment for your files, with the use of highly reliable data centers that you can access 24/7. Since this is the core competency of the vendor, you are assured that they will do whatever it takes to secure your files.
  • With all the servers in one location, security is increased. You are assured that with cloud computing, layers of security packets, passwords and authentication are all required before you can access information that may be sensitive.
  • Data can be accessed from any location as long as you have a web browser and an Internet connection. In this way, you can do your part in securing the place where you are accessing the server, whether that location is the office, the home, or on the road.


Cloud computing may be a trivial subject for most businesspeople these days; they might think that they don’t need it as of the moment. Yet based on technology’s trends, in a few years, businesses will be turning to cloud computing for their peace of mind.

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