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5 Reasons Why Laptops Are Still Relevant

With an ever increasing number of mobile devices on the market, it is beginning to look like a very confusing picture when one tries to compare different devices against each other.

With tablets taking the column inches and smartphones continuing to blur lines all over the place with a range of screen sizes and constantly updated processors, some people are asking whether or not laptops can still compete.

Laptops Are Still Relevant Than Tablets and smartphones

For professionals across a range of occupations and disciplines, a laptop is still the number one choice as a mobile computing solution. So, here are five reasons why buying a laptop can still be the best choice.


Reasons Why Laptops Are Still Relevant


Laptop StorageOne of the biggest advantages a laptop has over any other mobile computing device is the amount of storage that comes with it.

With terabyte hard drives increasingly becoming the norm the latest generations of laptops from manufacturers like Toshiba are a perfect solution for those who don’t want to entrust large amounts of data to the cloud.



Laptop KeyboardHaving a regular physical keyboard might not be the first thing on the tick list for casual users or those looking for a portable entertainment center.

For anyone using their device for work, trying to input a lot of information on a touch screen can be time consuming and counter intuitive.


Laptop Screen size

Laptop Screen sizeThe biggest laptops have almost gone beyond the old tag of being a ‘desktop replacement’ with screens that are large enough and sharp enough to handle the most delicate and intricate graphical tasks.

Having a big display might not be the ideal solution for someone who is constantly on the move, but for many situations it can be something that provides a real and tangible bonus.



Laptop Blu-Ray SupportBeing able to write to recordable disk media is something that many professionals need to be able to do as part of their daily routine.

As well as still being the safest method of backing up important data, having the latest Blu-Ray capabilities means multimedia quality is the very best, whether for entertainment or employment.



Laptop-UpgradesThe ability to upgrade or replace failed components is another major plus point a laptop has.

The next generations of solid state hard drives will be cheaper, have more capacity and give a faster edge to everything.

Being able to upgrade memory is also something that gives that added flexibility whenever you might need it.


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