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How to Set Up Digital Picture Frame

Once your digital picture frame arrives, you will have to set it up. Fortunately, these frames are very easy to use, and they often come with good instructions to make the set up even easier. Before the frame arrives at your home or before you unpack it, you should take some time to choose photographs for your frame.


Digital Picture Frame


How to Set Up Your Digital Picture Frame

If you keep all of your photos on your camera, then this is easy. All you have to do is take the memory card from your camera and insert it into your digital picture frame. Once inserted, your frame will play photos from that card.

Many people, however, keep their extra digital photos stored on their computer. If this is the case, then you should take some time to look through these photos. While your frame may be able to display thousands of photos, it may not be able to hold all of the digital photos that you have.

You will need to go through and choose which photos that you want to display. Additionally, you will want to edit these photos by weeding out blurry or underexposed photos, and you will want to make sure that they are oriented correctly. If you organize your photos into groups, your frame will be more organized. Some people choose to make a themed frame that only shows one set of photos at a time, such as photos from your most recent vacation.

Some photos are equipped to play MP3 or other music files, so if you want music to accompany your photos, you will need to choose the songs that you want on your digital picture frame. It is always a good idea to choose music that goes with your frame. Classical music, for example, might not go very well with your photos from “girls night out.”

Once you have your photos and music picked out, you will need to move the media from your computer to your frame. With some frames you can do this wirelessly, and you do not need any extra accessories. However, with some frames you will need to transfer the photos with a cable, a thumb drive, or a SD card.

The next step, once the media is on the frame, is to decide how you would like to display the photos. For example, some frames can be set up to change photos once a day. Some people load their frame with only a few good photos, and they like to have a new one every day. This is a good option for an office where a photo slideshow might be distracting.

The most common way to display photos in someone’s home, however, is to use a faster slide show setting. With this setting, the photos change every few seconds or every few minutes. This allows you to show off a lot of photos in a relatively short amount of time. Once you have decided on the photos and how to display them, all you have to do is find a place for your digital picture frame and start enjoying it.

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