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Top 5 Cloud Computing Applications 2012

Most of the people familiar with what is a cloud computing. They say the best things in life are free, in the case of business-specific cloud applications. This is truer than it ever was. The cloud has risen to power in recent years. And as a result, has put many traditional business management solutions to shame. You can also check out here 2012 Cloud Computing Trends.

Nearly everything you do as a business can be managed in the cloud computing technology; email, bookkeeping, data storage – you can even manage the cloud in the cloud via powerful server management applications.


Cloud Computing Applications
This has also given rise to many applications that not only make running a business – and life in general – a whole lot easier, but are also available for free. If your are Preparing To Move to Cloud Computing, consider 3 things given here.



Top 5 Cloud Computing Applications Of The Year 2012

1. DropBox Cloud Application

Perhaps the holy grail of consumer-level cloud storage, DropBox has taken the world by storm in the past year or so. You can purchase a monthly storage subscription, which has four tiers of data storage: Basic (Free – 2 GBs), Pro 50 ($9.99/month – 50 GBs), Pro 100 ($19.99/month – 100 GBs), and Teams ( Prices may vary by organization – upwards of 1 TB).

If you’re on a tighter budget than usual, go the free route and invite all your friends and colleagues to join DropBox. For every associate of yours that signs up, DropBox will award you 250 MBs of free storage up to 10 GBs.


2. Zoho Cloud Application

The Zoho Office Suite has become a valuable resource for cloud-based business resource management. If you find there’s something that Zoho can’t do, you should probably drop Zoho a line so they can remedy that. You can create spreadsheets, documents, invoices and wiki pages.

There’s even a built-in CRM app that has gained some traction among business owners. Most recently, Zoho integrated Google apps with the Office Suite that allows you to sign into both Google Apps and Zoho simultaneously from one login screen.


3. Skype Cloud Application

This cloud computing app may or may not need an introduction, depending on whether or not you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. For the uninitiated, Skype is cloud app that lets you make calls to land lines and mobile phones, send and receive SMS messages and create video or audio-only conference calls.


4. Evernote Cloud Application

If you’ve ever sat in a meeting and wanted to take detailed notes quickly, but didn’t want to pull out a clunky notebook. Then Evernote will seem like wizardry to you. Evernote has gained traction in the cloud computing space because of its versatile note taking and archiving capabilities.

You can use the web-based app, or if you’re like most people and constantly on the move, you may opt to download the app to your desktop or smart phone.


5. Go2Meeting Cloud Application

This popular web-hosted service lets you easily set up webinars and business videoconferences. There are currently two editions of the cloud app: personal and corporate. The downside to many videoconferencing apps has to do with security.

If you’re hosting a business meeting in the cloud, you want to be sure your confidential information will be secure. GoToMeeting – now available on both Mac and PC operating systems – has some solid encryption and optional password-protected access to your meeting.



Continued growth in the cloud computing industry is almost certain, and these applications mark some of the first in what will inevitably become a deluge of software that multiply functionality. Despite the best free apps, it’s often a good idea to put your entire business in the cloud using a cloud computing company.

If you’re uncertain of whether or not to take that step, though, get your feet wet with free cloud computing applications while your team adjusts to using the new file system.


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