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Importance Of Encryption In Internet Security

The Internet is used by majority of individuals across the world to process both personal and financial data. And we have already discussed about 5 Layers of Internet Security Protection, now let’s talk about Encryption In Internet Security.

Communication has changed drastically because of the Internet. However, there are many Internet security threats that most people are not aware of.


Internet Security VPN AND ENCRYPTION


Importance Of Encryption In Internet Security

For instance, when sending an email, there are hackers who can intercept them. The same situation can occur when a user submits his or her information to a website.

In recent years, identity theft has become quite common. That is why Internet security measures have to be taken quite seriously.

One of the best ways to secure data is to use encryption. Through encryption, the data is converted into a form which is unreadable or unintelligible by persons who do not have the decryption key. Encryption is one of the most useful and efficient forms of Internet security.


Basic Encryption Types

One of the earliest forms of encryption utilized 40 bits. An encryption standard of 40 bits signifies that the data has been encrypted using a code that can have 2^40 combinations. These days, 128-bit as well as 256-bit encryption are common.


Ways To Implement Internet security


One of the best ways to implement Internet security is to use a VPN, or a personal Virtual Private Network Connection. A VPN will place itself between a device and the website or online service it is communicating with.

  • The VPN will encrypt all of the data that a device is transmitting and receiving across the Internet.
  • A VPN is especially useful for those users who tend to use public Wi-Fi connections.

These connections can be utilized by hackers to conduct illegal operations.


Use Encryption Software

Other than a VPN, users can also opt for encryption software. Hard drives can be stolen. There are also ways through which hackers can access a device and steal all of the data stored on it.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that all important data on a hard drive is encrypted. There are free as well as paid options available.

  • Websites that process credit card payments often use encryption to make sure that sensitive data isn’t compromised.
  • A website that uses SSL will display that fact prominently.
  • The user can look at the URL bar in their web browser to confirm they have an SSL connection.
  • Users can also check out the details of an SSL certificate by clicking on it.

Encryption is one of the best ways of ensuring Internet Security.


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